Thursday, April 2, 2009

March 31st Travel Day

Well all went really great the Lord blessed me that the kids were really good and we got here safe and sound. We had a few "What was I thinking moments" like when we were in Ft. Lauderdale eating at Nathan's hotdog with the food spread out and carryons and carseat everywhere when Gabby starts saying as loud as she can heading for the door "I need to go potty!" Oh the joys of potty training.

I met a few American Families on the plane that helped me feel good about the move. One was a lady and 2 girls (4 and 6) who said they come to Guatemala for a month here and a month there because her husband is a college proffessor and brings students to total immersion school in Xela. She said they love it here. Another family had 6 boys all homeschooled (3 -16 yrs old or so) They have lived in Honduras for a year in a half. The boys have not learned Spanish fluently because they taught their friends English instead (oops!) but they love it and have adjusted well.

I had figured that immigration would speak Spanish but my Luggage helper wouldn't so Nathan sent me some Spanish things to learn like "I have 5 bags." and "My husband is waiting outside for me." and "My husband will kick your butt if you mess with me." JK! Anyway immigration spoke no English which I thought would be a problem since I didn't know how to fill out 4 sections on the form but he just said "NO Problem." and stamped them and sent me on the way. My luggage guy on the other hand spoke plenty of English like "You will tip me big if I help you huh?" I think it was more of a statement than a question but he was extremely helpful and would have got a big tip anyway.

We got to the hotel at about 3 am Va time so we were exhausted!


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