Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hot spring waterfalls near Rio Dulce (La Finca Paraiso)

Tina, The piano was the only piece of furniture we brought with us. It actually fit in the suburban with a bunch of stuff. Crazy huh?!? We went back and forth over and over again about whether we could fit it and poor Kim was told she could have it and then had it taken away and then given back and taken away......... I am so glad that we have it though it is my sanity along with reading. The funniest visual would have been Nathan, Stormy and Temio bringing it over to the house in the launcha (little blue boat). It's digital so it's a good thing it didn't get dropped in the water!!!

Mama, The Easter Bunny did come. The chocolate I brought with me did not make it to Easter - is that a surprise! So we had to go pay big bucks for some american candy at the Maxi Bodega. They don't do Easter bunny and hunts and stuff here so we didn't have access to any baskets or plastic eggs, so we just put the candy in a big pile in the center of the table and the family shared it. It went over really well.

Dana, The picture of the fish is for you. That was all caught in a few hours. The river is loaded with fish. You look in the water and you see schools and schools of them. Eddie and Ingred (our new guard and his wife) caught a bunch of minnows in a cast net and the fish were biting within a few seconds of cast. Crazy huh?

We took Temio and his family to the hotspring waterfalls near our house. We really enjoy this little family. They have 4 children also and they are really good kids. Temio and Natalia are super nice also. I still don't speak to them in Spanish but I do understand alot of the conversation so Nathan only has to translate when I have a question or comment about something because my grammar is way off. I still need alot more vocabulary but I'm working on it. Our guards little girl (Kimberly 7)is trying hard to teach me.

We went Saturday to the falls. It is about a 30 minute drive down a pretty bad road but they are paving it. This is definately a place we will take visitors. The waterfalls are super hot but the water they are falling into is cold so it makes it the perfect temp to swim in. The women were rubbing the mud all over their faces and body. It is sulfuric and supposedly really good for the skin. I should have rubbed some on for a false appearance of a tan. Ha Ha! Nathan and the 3 older kids are getting pretty dark but Gabby and I are still sunscreaning it.

The kids jumped off of a small cliff in the deeper area. I included pictures. People were diving off but I wouldn't let the kids. Ammon did it a few times before I caught him.

Gabby's knees finally healed up on Friday and she fell when we got to the springs so she wouldn't put on her swimsuit. She sat on a rock with her feet in the water and threw rocks so she still had fun.

She was pretending to be Tia yesterday and making Brigham be JOE JOE. She mentions everyone alot. She told me the other day she wanted to go visit Grandma Beenie.

Near the waterfalls is a huge Lake called Lake Izabal. The owners of the falls have a little beach with a restaurant on the lake that is super nice. We went over there and swam after and played basketball but I didn't get any pics. I was feeling sick and stayed in the car and napped. Bummer. Next time I will be healthy and be able to do better. We got home at like 5:30 and Nathan watched the kids while I crashed.

The fair is here in Rio Dulce right now. It is kind of funny because last year we were here in April during fair time visiting with the 3 older kids. If you would have told me then that we would be living here now I wouldn't have believed it. I will try to get some pics. We definately won't be riding the ferris wheel! I'll post a picture so you can see why. Come to think of it I don't think I have ever seen anyone riding the ferris wheel! Last year they had suped up bumper cars that the kids loved. They aren't up yet this year.

We are checking regularly to see if anyone is commenting so please keep them coming!



  1. Mel, your pictures are so much fun! The springs and falls are beautiful! so, when Gabby was pretending to be me was she saying "No", "Stop it" a lot. I hope she was acting more like a fairy God mother or princess. We miss ya tons! We gathered at Dana and Hannahs house last night. I didn't say anything but I was wishing you guys were there. Oh, baby Haileighs dad got baptized on Saturday. It was amazing! Life is Great! love ya, kim
    ps=Your shower curtain works great!

  2. Mel,
    What's wrong with you? How sick are you? I bet it's the poison frogs.
    wonderful pictures. It looks like so much fun. How wonderful to be young again and enjoy it. I am with Gabby, I don't want to fall and hurt my anything. HA
    Keep the travel log coming, I love it.
    I hope someone tells my Mom Gabby asked for her. She told me once that she was really working on having a relaionship with gabby because she seemed so shy. And then once Gabby took her hand. Too blessed to be Depressed
    love ya
    aunt jo

  3. sorry i forgot about the fish. they look slimy. are you going to eat them?
    We went fishing once and we were catching crappie one right after another and it was so much fun. but we were keeping them. I ended up with 55 to clean. yuck But i did it and fried them up, they were great.

  4. not to be a stickler, but.....I hope you are making everyone wear sunscreen, even if they are tan. Skin cancer doesn't discriminate. Ok, I'm off my soap box now (or should I say, sunscreen bottle box). :o)

  5. Ha! Nicole you are funny! I appreciate the sunscreen box speach. I am trying the best I can to keep them lathered up but I have definately given up on Nathan - he does not participate! The older three are in and out of water in and out of water in and out of water so it wears off I am sure. I make sure they drink tons of water which from what I read - hydrated cells is even more effective than sunscreen in protecting against skin cancer. I promise to do the best I can to protect these precious little ones from skin cancer!

  6. Ughhh!!! Joanne! I will not be eating any of these fish!! Nathan cooked some last night and now he is making a ceviche out of them. For the most part we are just storing them for the guards family because they don't have a fridge and fish is their main staple until they get payed. We loaned them Q200 to buy eggs, beans, ingredients for tortillas, but as far as I know the fish is what they eat for lunch and dinner. All except the kids. I feed them along with our family lunch and dinner and snacks. They are super cute.

    I tried calling Grandma today. I will try again tomorrow. She has done a great job of building a relationship with all of my children. They love her dearly. I hope when I am a great grandma I will be just like her.

  7. The 3 older kids and I got sick. Some kind of stomach virus. I was the only one still lingering in the land of the sick that day. I should not have gone to the falls but I couldn't resist. We are all fine now though.
    I am just so grateful Gabby didn't get it.

  8. This is my third time trying to make a comment and the evil computer is doing crazy stuff ughhh. I love the pics and travel log. It sure makes it seem like you're not so far away. Unlike when we had to in the olden days mail a letter and wait for a return letter. We love you guys and are excited to see you fulfill your dreams.

  9. YES!! The fishing seems great. Most fishermen will tell you, look for the food that the fish in that area eat and put that on a hook. The minnows are a great idea. That looks like a ton of fun. Dont catch them all before I come down there. :D


  10. Hey Thomas Fam!!! It's funny how much I feel the Spirit when I read of your adventures and listen to the background music. It certainly gives me the desire to bring my family out there to experience your little piece of Heaven. Keep the posts coming, I really enjoy them........Marc