Monday, April 6, 2009

Siesta Time!

Nathan didn't want me to post this picture because he prides himself on never needing to take naps. It's something about the breeze off the water, and the swishing of the current and the swaying of the hammock and a good book..... I don't think even the most adamant choleric could resist a nap in that circumstance.

Now before you say "UGHHH, I can't take hearing anymore of this!" I just want to say that we think we have found heaven here but there are a few glitches like me washing clothes by hand in the sink because we can't figure out the washing machine and washing dishes by hand, and not having chocolate available everwhere you turn. We are getting the hang of it though.

We tried to go to church yesterday to watch conference because our internet is too slow right now to watch it at home. We found what we think will be our building but the tienda owner next door told us they were going to Puerto Barrios to watch the conference. So we went there but no one was there either. There may have been a stake center in that town also but everyone kept sending us to that one. Bummer! I guess we will have to read it online later.

We will be going to Semana Santa in Antigua on Friday so look for picture posts for that!

Love ya'll!



  1. Hello Little Sis and Fam!
    I love the pictures and info. I think you were born to blog Mel! I just knew you would arrive safetly and be watched over. I am glad to hear you are all doing good. I will have to claim to hammock and try it out when I come and visit. It sounds heavenly. However, I think I will just do it in the bug-free time of day! I would love a pic of lizards walking on their back feet, funny. Even funnier is one chasing Mel! :) Oh, come on you know I love you to pieces! Gabby looks so cute in her pigtails.. she is looking way to grown up, not like a baby. :( I love you tons, give hugs to everyone and have Nate hug you for me. Love ya, KJ

  2. Great update!! Love the photos. How fun! The conference will be posted by Thursday in text form I believe. This is great.


  3. Love the4 updates Mel, keep it all coming! And Xela, we'll be there as soon as we can. Can't wait!

  4. Very funny Sista! I do not plan to be chased by one of those lizards ever!!!

    I will try to get a picture but they are very afraid of us and run very fast. If I do I will dedicate the post to you!

    Love ya!