Friday, April 3, 2009

Xelas 2nd post & Question

Hello everyone,

I am loving our new house . We have lots of cool trees like coconut, bannana, hibiscus, and more that we dont know the name of yet . It is like between 80 - 100 degrees every day . So the pool is very refreshing . And we have caught like six fish allready . We haven't ate any yet we just put them in the crab pot .

I miss you all very very much, and I bet that nothing is as cool or fun without us. HA HA just kidding.

love you all!



If you had one week to do what ever you want where would you go? What would you do ?


  1. dear Xela,
    I would get you and we would travel the WHOLE WORLD together doing everything we could together. I love just hearing from you "type". It is very windy today. we also went to the park today. I am going to see a movie today. And nothing is as fun as hanging with you!! You even have bannana trees? COOL! Anyway... post again soon!!!Love, your b.f.f.f.f.f.f.f.f.f.f.l courtney
    {best female funky funny friendly feely [like touchy] fun fantastic fabulous friends for life!]LOVE YA!

  2. Xe,Xe,

    I would have our whole family meet in Italy. I really want to go back and experience it with the people I love. We would eat the best pizza, pasta, and ice cream in the world. We would shop, shop, shop until we dropped. Also I would want to go to every museum possible. Xela we love you and miss you. We are so happy that you are having a wonderful time. Love, Tia, Uncle Jo-Jo, Noah, Aaron, and baby Gracie.
    P.S. I already miss your foot massages!!!
    P.S.S-Here's some big Saabye news. Gracie rolled over for the first time. Not only from belly to back but also back to belly. She's an over achiever. Once she did it once she kept on rolling back and forth until she got tired. Yea!

  3. Thank you for your post.

    I would take my whole family to Hawaii.

    We are having lot's of fun. Today we are having our care taker and his family over for lunch we havn't met his whole family yet so it should be lot's of fun. We went to Puerto Barrios it's a big town. We went to the mall. We didn't buy anything. But we did go to the arcade, and ate lunch at Mcdonald's it was lot's of fun.

    Miss you all soooooooooooooooooo very much.

    P.S. That's great that Gracie rolled over.
    P.S.S.-Here's some big Thomas news.swim, eat, sleep, fish, swim, eat,

    Love Xela

  4. Hi Xela,

    I'm Uncle Jared's fiance Nicole and I want to answer your question too, even though we haven't met!!

    If I had a week, I would visit lots of other cultures and observe their lifestyles. I would also want to explore outside and relax on the beach. I would try lots of new foods and listen to lots of different types of music.

    I can't wait to meet you, hopefully Jared and I will come visit you in Guatamala soon!!


  5. That's grate Nicole I can't wiat to meet you to. For the rest of you i miss you so much.

    p.s.-here is some big Xela news. I got tanner well it's a sun burn turned into a tan


  6. Xela my little sweetie. I am so glad we got to hang out again before you left. I love how spunky you are and your infectious laugh. I miss all the E-mails we used to send before you got in trouble :) so I am glad we can chat on here. Your mother never had a problem tanning either, used to frustrate me because I take forever to tan! I can't wait to come and swim with you there. Hopefully, in summer of 2010. If I could go anywhere and do anything I wanted for a week... I would go to Ireland with my two sisters and take in the beauty there and make tons of memories. I know all three of us want to visit there. Of course I would do a bit of geneology there too. I would have to scout out some very rich chocolate! Maybe catch a leperchan. Hugs to you. Love Aunt Kelley

  7. Thanks for the comment aunt Kelley. I'm glad we came to visit you befor we left to. That would be so fun for you guy's. By the way can I come to? I hope you can come to visit next year.

    Lot's of love


  8. Xela,

    Of course, of course... I would loooovvee for you to come with us to Ireland!!! Of course by the time we actually do it you will probably be about 16 and not want to hang out with us older ladies! I would love to hang out with you in Ireland. Hey, don't get to sunburned out there, bad for your skin, with all the tanning time you should be able to tan without burning, so use lotsa sun block! Okay, had to have a mom type moment. I can't always be cool. :)

    Love you sweetie,
    Aunt Kelley

  9. Aunt Kelley,

    I could never be too old to enjoy hanging out with you guys! I saw where you said my mom is going to get chased by a lizard. I'll take a picture for you!

    Sorry I didn't reply sooner. I will try to keep up with all of my posts better.