Thursday, April 2, 2009

April 2nd Morning

I woke up early so I would have time to fill all of you in on what has happened since we left. It is so beautiful out. There is a breeze off the water and the birds are singing! I wish I could share it all with all of you!

I have had such a peace since the plane landed. I feel the spirit confirm to me over and over again that this is where we need to be. Thank you so much for your prayers and support and love.

Please keep in touch and know that we love and miss all of ou so much! We are counting on those promised visits!

The posts are listed by most recent post so you have to read them backwards by date for those of you who are Sanguine and not detail oriented and read this post first!! Ha!

Love ya!



  1. So I was totally freakin out when you said that Brigham was bit by a snake! Then I read...April fools! you got us for sure, thank goodness it was an April fools joke! It sounds like you guys are wasting no time fitting right in and having fun right away! Sounds like so much fun and I know that Nathan is living in his Paradise right now, how cool is that! Livin the Dream! We can't wait to see you guys again. We want one of your tropical smoothies when we come for sure!! Holla guys, give the kids hugs and kisses from us. We love you guys. Nathan we expect super long dreads next time we see you!

  2. Wow! Mel is posting like a mad woman. Yea so we celebrated april fools here too. We woke up yesterday morning in our hotel and as I was leaving the shower I yelled to mel and the kids to come look at the huge scorpion in the bathroom. They came reluctantly and I said April fools. We had great day today. I was able to get some work done and have make brakes repaired on the Suburband and oil change. So real life is setting in. Everyone here is getting ready for semana santa (holy week). This is probaly the biggest holiday of the year. It starts Good Friday and runs through easter. Pretty much every town has daily Processions. I have heard that they have a procession on the water here in Rio Dulce. We will have to check that out. Maybe I can figure out a way to be part of the parade. Never know. We may travel to Antigua for a couple of days. This is the most popular place to go for Semana Santa. It attracts alot of visitors. There is a active Volcano close by to Antigua that you can climb called Pacaya. I have always wanted to go there so maybe we will on the same trip.

  3. dear Xela,
    I miss you. I am glad you are having a fun time. I hope you will write your own post soon. Anyway... I love ya. Love, courtney