Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Climbing the Coconut Tree

OK! OK! First of all Kelley, Joanne and Kim - there will be no pictures of me with or without being chased by a lizard!!! At least not until I loose those 30 lbs Kim promised would fall off of me these 2 months and my California babe tan comes to pass!! Just Kidding! I will have Nate get behind the camera on our next outing.

Dad and Diane, I am so glad that you are able to follow the blog! I have started shrinking the photos so that it would be easier for you to download and quicker for me to upload.

KJ - I am so sorry but I do not remember any rodeos from when we were kids(I'm sure they were fun but I have the worst memory unlike you), but I can bet that this one was nothing like them! It was pretty crazy! Nathan and Ammon were wearing red shirts and we were sitting close to the fence. One bull kept running around the circle and coming and ramming the gate where we were. It freaked me out. Also people were letting their kids climb up on the metal fence surrounding the rodeo (Diane and Mama - the kids asked but I said absolutely not!!!)

Joanne and Mama - The picture rocks! Thanks for working so hard to get it!

Oh by the way Joanne I saw your chicken at the rodeo. By the way you are totally an inspiration to me! I can't believe all that you do. As far as tv goes we can get satellite here but none of the companies we found have the networks so we are still searching.... We aren't really missing it though. At least not yet. I do miss seeing American Idol though. 7-11 - no but we have Shell and Exxon! Doctors - there are doctors in the area and most of them are trained in the US so they are good and pharmacies but you don't have to have a prescription to get the meds. The nearest big hospital is in Puerto Barrios which is about 45 minutes from us. We do have the Jungle Medic Mission here in town which is a US sponsored mission that brings docs and dentists from the states to help the people.

Ok - so we had the missionaries over to eat and they killed a pound of spaghetti and a ton of bread no problem. They paid us back by getting us 4 coconuts! Yeah! Our guard Eddy opened them for me! They were yummy! The green ones have soft meat and sweet milk compared to what we think of coconuts back in the states. The meat reminds me of a custard or a flan. I put the picture of them in the boat so you could see our new boat! As you can see 7 fills it up.



  1. Great news, Mel. I was wondering, too, about the doctor thing. Is your Spanish getting better? I bet Gabby will be bi-lingual in no time. Kids are sponges. What is Nathan doing for work? You say he is working, but, I don't remember if you said what. How do you homeschool the kids? Do they still take the testing by Virginia standards? You are amazing! I am partly jealous of your adventure and partly happy to sit here in my own version of paradise and watch you be adventurous!!!

  2. I bet the missionaries were so excited about spaghetti. Oh I love custard and flan. My first calling in the church was cultural refinement teacher and the first month I made flan. I can't figure out how to downsize pics yet.

  3. PS Are those sister missionaries?