Wednesday, April 22, 2009

cacao pods

I should have taken pictures of the process because it will be hard to explain. When you open it up there is an outer layer that is sort of like a pumpkin or a squash consistancy. You throw this out. I wander if it is edible though.

The seeds are in a huge clump in the middle sort of like pumpkin seeds. They are covered in a really grouse looking slimy white fruit that is attached pretty firmly. Temio had us suck on the seed on the fruit and it was really yummy and sweet. YOu have to roast them to get the fruit off - the sun dries it up and leaves the nibs looking like almonds with a brown almond like shell on the outside. This is stuck pretty firm to the seed like the almond coating on an almond. To get this off you have to cook them in a pan until you start hearing a popping sound. Then you have to peal the outer layer off and you have the cocoa bean. Then you grind it up really fine. It was quite a process but fun and left me with a bowl full of dark chocolate.

I went ahead and did this process and then used some in a shake with juiced mint and frozen bananas. (Hannah taught me this one).

Next time I will do more research to find out how to prepare them raw. I don't know how you get the fruit and shell off anyother way. Maybe you know. The locals think you are crazy when you mention not cooking the nibs, so I need to google to find out how.

I can't find raw nuts anywhere either. They roast and salt them all! I will keep asking though.

I promise to let you have a turn in the hammock!



  1. Ohhh! I forgot to mention. The shake was a huge energy booster! Must have been all that straight chocolate!

  2. Good Afternoon Thomas family!!!
    There is nothing I like talking about more than chocolate!!! I googled it and was not surprized to find it has a lot of Herbal values!! I knew it!!! Chocolate is good for you!!! It does have a bit of caffine Mel. I am not against caffine so that's cool.
    ok Mel just between you and me, do you have a regular kitchen? electricity? running water? oh i saw toilets, thank goodness, so you must have water. duhhhhhhh Where's the closest Wal Mart? There's something to google. and can you get there by boat. How bout a grocery store?
    Chris has his hand up, he has a question "How's the mosquitoes?"
    love you guys
    Aunt Jo

  3. I was thinking more like using that cocoa in brownies,yummmm. How bout posting some cool food pics you cook or take pics at restaurants?

  4. Awesome Mel! Thanks for the post. Hannah will be thrilled. Cacao, the "not factory processed stuff", is a superfood. It is suppose to be amazing. One of the top. That is so much fun. I will look for resources how to get them out so you dont have to cook them. It is one of those good, better, best things. It is best not to cook them but still better to get them in your diet. So that is awesome.

  5. I expect you to be an expert by the time we come visit. Chocolate bars with almonds are my favorite. So, keep practicing! hehe

  6. When we visited a place in Sri Lanka they said that often if people are allergic to chocolate it is because the white pulp has been mixed in with the chocolate during the process. :) Thought that was interesting.