Sunday, April 26, 2009

Rio Dulce, Guatemala fair and rodeo

Well we had another really busy week. And the highlights are seen in these pictures. This week happened to be Rio Dulces annual town Fair. So the town was busier than usuall especially this weekend. The fair is topped off by a compietition between lancheros (boaters/jet skiers), a 4 days of rodeo and a cowboy parade. On Friday evening we attended the rodeo (our 1st ever) which was alot of fun (at intermission there was a mini concert by a Guatemalan ranchero singer, which is a spanish version of very twangy country music. Needless to say I counted it a blessing when the electricity went out during his 3rd song which spaired us of any further torture). Notice the pictures of the cowboys praying before the Rodeo began. This was with good reason. They got pretty banged up. The kids got some pretty sweet cowboys hats at the Rodeo.

We attended the cowboy parade of saturday morning which ended in the Rodeo corral where they put on a show. Mom you would of liked that.

The picture you see of a boat is our new/used lancha (boat) that our business bought this week. Don't know if we ever mentioned it before but the only way to get to out house is by boat. Having our own boat will now give us alot more freedom to go sightseeing, fishing, water sports etc. Plus there are alot of really cool rivers, marinas, reastuarants, hot springs, hotels, etc. that are only accessible by boat. The picture of us at a table outside is of us visiting one of these hotels/hostal/restaurants. We met the owners Gary and Jane. They bought basically a shack on a side river and built there hotel named Kangaroo Hotel y Reatuarnate. They are from Australia. They greeted us with open arms from the time we pulled up in our boat like we were long lost friends. We look forward to getting to know them better.

I met 2 families in town that are traveling the Carribean together with thier children. They are homeschoolers also.


  1. Hey Mel and Family,

    Dad and I both have old internet, dial-up, and I was using AIM to post. Mine was working but Dad and Diane were not successful with a Google account they set up. So I was "testing" with one myself. Hence the previous post. Just so you know they are trying and really want to comment and are thinking about you all.

    Tell Xela that I am looking forward to the picture of the two legged lizard chasing you... you know I love you, but it cracks me up thinking about it. :) Of course when we come and visit I don't want one anywhere near me! I love the pics of the kids in the hats. Is the rodeo like the ones we saw as kids? Sounds like too much of a vacation down there, I am a bit jealous. Love you very much, hugs and kisses to the kids. Hi to Nate.

    Kelley JO

  2. The kids already seemed to be growing. The pics were awesome. Dad just got home from Wilmington. I'll email you with the details. You know how guys are:-)I've not been online for a few days. I got really sick with bronchitis over the weekend. Love you guys,Momma

  3. Howdy cowpokes,
    Happy trails to you all. sorry couldn't resist. Looks like all is going well. I loved seeing the pictures. Bout time to give nathan that camera mel. I want to see you too! But knowing it takes time to post them I really thank you for doing it.
    All is going well here in Maryland. We are living in a apartment full of boxes. waiting for our downstairs one to be ready. And market has started so i am also baking for it.
    We have a fire Hydrant box outside our apartment door, and a robin has decided to have her family there. She has 4 beautiful blue eggs. we had them last year also. I talk to her and she keeps her eye on me. So spring is in full swing. we hit 90 degrees yesterday and eightys today.
    We have friends who's niece home schools and has a great website. I will send it to you if you would like to see it.
    So glad to see you all happy and looking forwand to more adventures .
    love you all
    aunt Jo

  4. LOVE the pictures! Your kids are too cute in cowboy hats. The one of Gabby is simply gorgeous. I'm super jealous, going to a rodeo is one of my 50 things to do before I die list. I just can't imagine... a small Guatemalan on a big bull though. It must have been so much fun:) Love you guys, give XOXOXO to the kiddos for me, Tia

  5. Oh, I second what Aunt Jo said. We want to see Mel too. I know, I know. Just do it! We miss you! Love, Kimbo

  6. ditto mel, what Tia aka kimbo said, Mel i could tell you stories about my sister and i on a cruiseboat trying to get just one pic we liked for our mother.
    love you guys more than......strawberries!
    aunt Jo

  7. HA, you said it Joanne!! How many did we take, a gazillion!! But we did it. I do believe I have an alien pollen living in my chest. Jo, did you send it via email?

  8. they took that alien out, I am now alien free. they sent it to Area 51 i think they said. so we are all safe again. I told you to stick those swabs up your nose so it can't get up there.
    oh my gracious goodness.The pictures, we started with such good intentions and we knew it would mean so much to mama. and it did and does, how wonderful is it that she has it on the table so everyone sees it when they walk in. So we did do the right thing and I think we should tell her about the experience sometime. We were all over that boat getting pictures taken, night after night. HA Didn't we enjoy the teenagers though. I think I even got one took on the Titanic didn't I. Ha Of course I didn't like it.
    Sorry Mel and Nathan, I am taking up all your blog. Thanks for having it though, what fun.
    love ya more than......watermelon
    aunt jo

  9. Oh i have another question!!! Holding hand high in the air and shaking it.
    what about doctors? are there any and if not how far are they? Do I dare ask about TV? and I bet there isn't a 7 11 either.
    ok that's all for today
    thanks again and love to all

  10. hi ammon hows it going
    write back
    from sam