Wednesday, April 8, 2009

April 8th

My kids are very happy that our land lord and his family are here for the holiday. He has 2 daughters 10 and 16 for Xela to play with and a 14 year old son and his two friends for Ammon and Brigham to fish with. They speak English very good so it is nice for my kids although it doesn't help them learn Spanish.

The best thing is Mr. Castillo brought me a new washing machine! And just when I was getting the hang of hand washing!

We did learn that the frogs are poisonous. Thank you Dana! We checked into it and they spit a poison from their eyes or something. We will be sure not to mess with them.

Dana also sent us an awesome website with local information. It is There is lots of fun info about where we live on that site. Thank you Dana.

We have a tree out front that the birds love to hang out in. I know a few of you are bird lovers so I will try to post pictures of them every now and then. There was a beautiful one yesterday but it got away before I could photograph him.

I thought it would be hard to live on the water and have to keep an eye on Gabby every minute but it has been such a blessing. We have become quite good buddies. It is fun to spend so much time with her. She seems to naturally be very aware of the boudaries, but you know me I still keep her under watchful eye.

We make her wear her ducky float vest in the boat most of the time. We need to get vests for the other kids also because although they can swim they may not be able to swim to shore if something happened. The river is very wide. They will need them for snorkeling anyway.

We will be going into town to Antigua tomorow and we will be staying with a friend of Nathan's that he met at the border crossing?!?! We will just stay and watch the processions the first part of the day on Friday and then head back home. We will be taking Tamio and his family on Saturday to Puerto Barrios to the beach and then church on Sunday. It should be a great Holiday weekend. I wish you all a great Easter!!

Please keep commenting! It is so fun to hear from all of you.

Love ya,

Mel, Nate, and kids


  1. Heyyyyyyyy,
    it's been so long since i posted anything. So good to see pics of where you are. i gave this to Robin and told her to show my mom. she worries so about you guys.
    It looks like everything is going good so far. and the washing machine, what a wonderful Easter present for you!!!
    i would love to see more pictures of your hous and the area around it. I don't even know what the name of the town or city is.
    all is well here we are getting ready to move to a down stairs apartment. i haven't moved since 1985!! and farmers market starts next week.
    You guys have a great weekend too. and watch out for those eye spitting frogs!!!!!
    love ya

  2. Ah man!! We love you and miss you guys too!! We would love to come and visit. The report on you guys not getting sick is great in a lot of ways. I felt strong to warn you about the frogs. I know that I would try to catch one sooner or later. Now you know why there are so many of them. Who or what would eat a "eye-poison spitting" frog?! I read that the poison is on the skin. Still?! I have been reading on how to catch the big fish in Rio Dulce, Snook. I will email some tips sometime. It says there are tons of perch. The snook suppose to be a great fight. I will email more later. Much love, Dana

  3. Oh, one last thing. Have you figured out how to open the young coconuts? Cacao trees? Indiana Jones adventures? Just kidding on the last one.


  4. I always knew frogs were dangerous!! They look innocent but they have a hidden agenda!! Glad everything is going well. I just figuared out how to sign-on. Now I'm struggling with how to put a pic on. Love you!! PS Did you see the moon last night?

  5. HOLA! ?como estas? So sounds like you are totally living in Paradise! Hey that sounds like such a cool, relaxing vacation, only its where you LIVE! That must feel pretty good to go out on your deck, eat meals and take naps that "Nathan never needs,"! ha ha! I love that you guys have a hammock...what a view to look out on the water! I love that you have coconut trees and cranes and poisonous frogs....yikes! I love seeing your pic's. Gabby girl already looks older to me, that's so scary! So hows the language coming along? Did you guys get a maid/cook yet? What yummy stuff are you guys eating? Well take care, we love you guys! Tell the kiddies holla for us! we miss you!!!!

  6. hey xela, what are you doing for EASTER? how are you?? Anyway I am going to see my cousins for it. Post soon!
    Everyday is not the same as it used to be..
    but thats because your not here beside me...
    i always knew losing someone would be so oh hard..
    but I just can't seem to get this one moving apart...
    I will never let go of those memoeries!
    I will never forget you-you and me
    I can only dream now of our outings
    it was so oh sad.. to let you gooooo
    without me.
    Theres a little part of the song I am writing!
    Love courtney c.