Saturday, April 4, 2009

Just a quick update.

Hey everyone.

Not much has happened the last few days. The kids have been catching fish like crazy. We have just been sticking them in the crab pot but no luck there. Someone said this time of year the water is too salty for them. I guess we will have to start eating the fish ourselves.

We have some pretty cool lizards on the property that run on their back feet. And at night tons of huge frogs. I am not much of a fan but it is fun for the kids to see.

We have been just exploring the surrounding towns to see what they have to offer and stocking up on food and water ect. Our caretaker Tamio brought his oldest son (Nelson) 13 to work with him yesterday. He came with us over to Puerto Barrios to the store and little mall there. I think his Dad sent him to help teach us how to dock the boat. We have struggled a little with that. We are going to get it down eventually. I don't know how in the world I am going to get in and out of the boat in my Sunday dresses?!? Anyway the kids really hit it off with Nelson. He is a nice kid and it was so cute to see the kids trying to communicate with him. Tamio's whole family is coming for lunch today. That should be fun. I also need to try to tear myself away from the outdoors so I can finish unpacking today. We can't find anything and it is making me crazy since I am the one everyone turns to find everything!



  1. That is awesome about the fish. Pictures? I know you guys must be crazy busy. Tell what type of fish are in that water and I will find info to help catch more of them.

  2. Hey Xela!
    I hear you guys are doing good. I am now going to tell you what I am doing for you. I made a song and am making a "music video" Anyway... still making it so check your email soon and maybe I will have sent it. I hope it gets done soon! Love ya, Your b.f.f.ff.f.f.f.f.f.f.l!
    courtney c.