Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Swimming in the river.

First of all - If you haven't checked out the Semana Santa posts yet - DO IT! That's the last time I am going to tell you!

The Castillo family left us yesterday. My kids will miss them. They really had a great time with them. I especially miss having Doctor Kevin and his assistants here to doctor up toes! (I don't even know how many toes we have doctored these last two weeks. They fixed Xela up on her last cut. Eventually my kids will learn to wear their shoes!) We were very impressed with these youth. They were so nice, and had great manners and treated our kids very well. I don't know how often they come to visit. I think only twice a year but maybe we can see them when we go into Guatemala City.

Grandma, I hope you are still with us after viewing the bridge jumping pictures! Kevin Castillo and his friends scuba dived down and made sure the water was deep enough before they jumped. It is a short swim to shallow water with no current. Totally safe I promise. This bridge is over by the pool. It is where Nate and the kids like to fish the most and have the crabpot dropped.

The kids have been having alot of fun just swimming in the river by the house. They like the pool too but it is fun to jump off the dock. We are a little freaked after reading about the crocs and alligators. Temio told us he has never seen one around here in 15 years. He says that they are in the tributaries off the river. I hope he's right. If I ever see one there will be no more swimming in the river!

We have a new family living in the guard house. They seem very nice and have two children. A seven year old girl and 3 year old boy. The wife speaks English which is nice for me.

Today Nathan was working. I got caught up on laundry finally!

Oh - guess what!!!!??? Gabby is potty trained. She even wore underwear two nights in a row! Yeah! No more diapers! Ever!

It takes sooooo long to post a picture on this blog!! I will do the best I can to get as many as I have patience for on here for ya'll.



  1. IMPORTANT Grandma question!! Sorry I have to ask this. Where does your sewage empty to?! Tell me not into the river where they swim!!!Those were really cool pictures until you told me they are off a bridge into alligator infested waters!!!!!!!!Tell Gabby Grandma is proud of her and I am going to buy her some princess panties. Does the kids like our pics? xoxoxo "I see the moon...."

  2. PS Dana told me he's going to tell you how to downsize your pics so they are quicker. Our photo was like 2 megabytes and he made it 125..I think gigabyes. Ok I don't know the term. Little, he made it little,gezzzzz!

  3. PSS Did Xela see Milly on Idol tonight?

  4. Mama,

    The sewage does not empty into the river. Trust me ---- I made sure of that!

    Unfortunately we have not been able to follow Idol or any of the other shows we enjoy watching because the only cable that we find does not have the networks so we haven't got anything hooked up yet.

    Thanks for the shrinking info! I actually do know how to shrink the pics I just didn't think of it. I guess my mind is too clouded with all of the details.

    Love ya!


  5. Mel,

    Definitely shrink the photo sizes. If you click on one you see how big the actual size is. They are huge. I got mom's photo from 2000 kilobytes down to 125 kilobytes (close on the terms mom...too bad you went to a bigger size...:D ). Email me your blog username and password sometime and I will setup the RSS feed so people can follow the blog even easier.

  6. Oh yeah. I wanted to say that pic of Xela is awesome. It looks like she is one of those basilisk lizards standing on the water. :D