Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Castillo de San Felipe

This is a cool Spanish Fort on the other side of the bridge from our house. It was used to keep the British Pirates out of Lake Izabal. It has really beautifully landscaped picnic areas and a great swim area. When we were here on Vacation last year we went by the fort on a boat and I told Nathan I wanted to go there sometime for a picnic. We didn't do it this time and we didn't actually tour the fort yet. We will go back this weekend when Nathan gets a break from working to do the tour and have a picnic. We were just looking for a close area to snorkel. The kids and Nathan snorkled around and saw some cool fish. Gabby wouldn't go near the water. In some ways this bugs me but for the most part it is kind of a relief that she has no interest whatsoever in the water considering we live on it..... Our pool filter is temporarily down until Mr. Castillo brings a missing part tomorrow to fix it, but once it is fixed I will have her in the pool learning to swim. She is also terrified of the two guard dogs on the property which keeps her from going outside alone. Once she learns how to swim we will have to work on overcoming this fear.



  1. Thanks Mel for all the great pictues. I hope you guys can keep up the pace because I am loving the blog. I think that's a song "Loving the Blog"
    what a nice relaxing place to have a picnic at.
    Waiting to see who learns to climb the coconut palm first.
    Ammon? any interest in tree climbing?
    love ya more than.....peanut better
    aunt Jo

  2. xela i now that dis is no a comentari both i go to rio dulce tomorrow and you go to castillo san felipe is beutyfull becous i dont go to the castillo de san felipe oly when i am baby ok xela.
    angie castillo

  3. Cool Fort! Hey I have a question. When does the rainy season start? how often and how long will it rain everyday? Like once a day for 20 minutes? I have another funny Aaron story for ya'll. Two days ago Aaron fell on his arm and it was bleeding. While I was fixing his arm he was fussing at me. I quickly corrected him on his attitude. He then said " you can't get made at a bleeding man." Then last night we were at the grocery store and he had another bad attitude and I told he needed to change his attitude and again he said" Mom!, you can't be mad at a bleeding man" It was hilarious. I wonder how long he plans to milk that one. Miss you tons! Kim

  4. Mel,
    Hmmm.... maybe you were a little young when we went to the rodeo or it is your lack of long term memory. I know you said it was bad. I wonder if it was when we lived in Wyoming, mostly? I know we went to a few in Montana also. I loved them. The barell racing, bunking bronks... Maybe dad can clear up the info on those, you must know that with him loving anything cowboy that we definetly hit rodeos! :) Okay, no pictures of you chasing lizards, ooops or them chasing you. LOL.

    Some friends of ours are going to Guatemala in Decemeber. Guatemala City actually. They are reading this incredible book that talks about places that BYU has come up with where some things in the BOM have taken place. Also one of our old Stake Presidency, President Baldwin and his wife, are mission presidents somewhere out that way. Where do you live in reference to Guatemala City????? Where do you live acutally????

    Hey, maybe the guys shouldn't wear red to the next rodeo?!!!! haha. I love all this info and pictures. What happened to Gabby and water? When you were here in Dec. she was all over in the pool in her little duck? Love you! Lots of big hugs to the kids. Hi to Nate!

    Kelley JO

  5. The fort looks awesome. There's diffidently something special about forts and lighthouses. Maybe it has to do with the purpose and the people that upheld those purposes.

  6. Hola como estas? les extranamos y les amamos! Xela thank you so much for your letter, that was so sweet of you to write us! We are so happy that you're having a blast there! So there's a McDonald's there huh? Does it taste the same as here? I love that you guys get to do fun stuff on the Lake, like fishing and swimming and boating...what a life! We love you xela! p.s. whats your address there?
    Mel and fam- How cool is your life...! You get to live in paradise and do such cool stuff all day. I say forget about schooling, just do adventures all day, ha ha! Man that's awesome, boat rides to restaurants, climbing coconut trees, boating stuff, eating fruits and veggies of the land and meeting all the locals. Well I will say that American Idol this year is the best yet. Adam Lambert is insane, you guys can watch their performances online ya know...get with the program. like you said you guys don't miss TV, You have so much adventure there you don't need it. So howz Nathan's car business giong? It sounds like you guys are doing great! We miss you all but I know you're having the best time there! We can't wait to visit and go on all of your adventures with you guys! Gabby looks like a little lady now, I love the pic. of the kids in the cowboy hats, and It sounds like you loved listening to the country artist! Yikes... well take care and give everyone our aloha!