Sunday, April 12, 2009

Temio's family at the beach on Semana Santa Sabado

Temio is our caretaker. We took his family to the beach. It was his wife and children's first time to swim in salt water. His children are Nelson 13, Temio 10, jamer 7, and Maria 5. For more of an explanation on this day please see Nathan's post called Semana Santa (Holy Week).


  1. Xela,
    you hair looks so cute in that picture! Anyway it sounds like your having a lot of fun which is good. Its like a vacation every week huh? Anyway.. Heres some more of the song.
    Now that your gone I have nothing to do..
    nothing at all except think of you!
    And while I was think I realized something..
    What you want me to do?
    I will never let of of those memories.
    I will never you-you and me
    But now that I realized that you'd want me to beeeee
    My normal meee
    I'm happy!!!
    But that doesn't mean that I won't still miss youuu
    It just means that
    I know you will come back
    toooo ME!
    'cause I will never let go of the memories
    I will never forget you-you and me
    I can only dream now of our outings

    I am still trying to figure out the end... But I almost have it!!! Love ya!
    Courtney C or ROCKSTAR

  2. hiii its me Kevin and my friends Otto and Rios. We passed very well with you and your brothers. Luck...... Kevin and Friends

  3. Angie, Aieda, Kevin, Otto and Rios. We miss having you all here to swim with. Please come back and see us!