Friday, April 17, 2009

Inside of House Pics

Joanne this post is for you!

I am posting some pictures of inside the house. It is a very small house but it is perfect for this adventure. We haven't missed the spaciousness of our old house at all. (I have to admit I have missed my bathroom and bathtub though.)There is a picture of our living area. It is at the front of the house downstairs. It is our kitchen, dining room and living room all together. The table is in the center of the living room which I thought I wouldn't like but it has worked out fine. I was going to try to move it to the kitchen area but I kind of like having it by the doors so we can look out on the water while doing school or eating or whatever.

The bedroom with the two blue beds is downstairs and the bathroom shown is downstairs. Kim - I told you I would make the green toilets work!!! The other bathroom upstairs is exactly the same except the toilet and sink are brown. So I didn't post a picture of it. The blue bed bedroom we use for naps because it is cooler downstairs during the day. I did discover yesterday that if I open up all of the windows and the sliding door upstairs it keeps it really cooler than the ac does. At night the ac works great up there to keep things cool. This is our guest bedroom though so it is where you will all sleep if you come to visit. We also have a futon couch in the living room we can open up for our kids to make their bedroom available for visitors.

The upstairs is the kids room with the two bunkbeds and our bedroom and a full bath. We have 4 ac units in the house two upstairs and two down. We have had quite a few hot days close to 100 but in the dry season (now) it is not too bad. It cools down nicely at night. We have a nice breeze off of the water and a good shade on the decks. But then we have days like today where it is just pleasantly warm. I don't know how hot it is out today but it actually feels very nice. It may be in the 80's. During the rainy season I hear it can get pretty humid.

Sickness hit us. We thought we had got away with out getting sick, but it did hit the three older kids pretty hard. We are all well today though.

We had one day of school before the kids got sick and that was nice. Nathan has been off working all week so we have just had a layed back week of rest.

Temio is building me some bookshelves. I can't wait because I need my books unpacked. We have 3 huge closets with plenty of shelving and a nice big dresser in my bedroom so the shelves will finish things off nicely. I am so glad that we did not bring anymore stuff though. The stuff we brought barely fits. So thank you to all who helped take stuff off our hands during the purge!

Tomorrow Nathan is taking us to the hotspring water falls near here. I will post pictures on Sunday or Monday.

Thanks to all of you for keeping an eye on our blog. It helps us feel loved!



  1. Thanks so much mel. It looks really nice and you took great pics. Now i can see you guys there.
    You are doing a great job keeping us informed of all your adventures. Sonny and I took a few when we were young. Didn't go quite so far though.
    Of course we all love you guys and want the best for you.
    Please stay away from those poison frogs though, OK.
    love ya
    Aunt Jo

    PS I should have sent the chicken with you. He loves to travel. Ha

  2. Wow, Mel, is that a piano? Was that already in the house? It must've been, right? I can see that piano on top of the car with the surfboard...heading south!

  3. I love the striped shower curtain! It totally works with the toilet. Everything looks cozy. Email me about Nathans work. I'm sorry we didn't get to talk more Sunday. Do you and Nathan have a cell phone? Oh did the Latin Easter bunny find you? Tell the kids watch for "mezzaluna" Love you, Grandma

  4. I am calling the hammock on the deck!! :D I will sleep in it between fishing adventures. How were the cacao pods? Did you eat them raw?