Thursday, April 2, 2009

April 1st continued

So we got to Rio Dulce fine. We decided to go shopping first which took a while. There is a really great store in town. We didn't take the boat to it this time. We were all wearing long pants (except Nathan and Ammon) so we were a little hot but soon we were on our way home! Gabby even did ok with seeing dog's around. She freaked a little but didn't try to climb on my head.

We got to the house and Brigham caught a fish with his hands right away! It was dead which freaked me out but I after he scrubbed down I relaxed.

We went swimming in the pool which is a great pool surrounded by coconut trees and a natural hedge of Mongroose sheltering it from the river view. It was so refreshing. I will send pictures later. I forgot to bring my camera while we were there and walking around the property.

Hannah, you may not want to read this part. We have Hibiscus (my favorite flower) hedging one side of the house. Tons and tons of 4-5 feet Hibiscus! We have tons of coconut trees. I don't even know how many and Grandma there are ones small enough we can reach the coconuts with out climbing! We picked a few that I will make into smoothies this morning. (If I can figure out how to open them!) we have a batch of banana trees with bananas waiting to be harvested but I need to figure out how to get them down. And Hannah we have one tree on the property with what looks like Chocao pods. I am not sure because the tree is taller than what I pictured and the pods are just out of reach so I will ask the caretaker when he gets here today.

Nathan had my hammock hung waiting for me last night. It was amazing after the kids were in bed last night to go up and sit in the hammock and look out over the river and the palm trees and just relax and talk. When I climbed in bed I could still feel the swaying of the hammock.

We do miss our friends and family so much. Please try to come see us! It will be worth the time and money! I promise!


p.s. No mosquitos or bugs in the day. The kids did have a few bites while they were fishing in the evening but I rubbed them down with my homemade repellent (citranella oil mixed with Eucylyptus oil in a water base) and all was well. I am so glad it worked because it is natural and economical!

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