Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Xelas 2nd Question

I miss you all


When are you coming to visit

I need a date!

lots of love



  1. Dear Xela,
    what are you up to? I wish we could come see you everyday but thats a little hard. Come see us here!!! Or at least convince my dad!! Haha just kidding. I hope to see you soon. Write me! Love, COurtney

  2. Hello my girl! I don't have a date for you but we come and visit in our dreams often. It sounds like you found yourself a slice of paradise. Soak it all in babe and enjoy, the good and the challenging. Love you all much,
    Aunt Hannah

  3. No idea on a date. Life holds us back and pushes us forward. I'll write you an email. Love you bunches, Grandma

  4. Xela,
    oh how i wish we could come see you. But it's a long way!! so we will work on it. ok
    love you more than chocolate bunnies
    aunt jo

  5. Courtney,

    I wish you could come to visit everyday to i'll come to visit hopfuly year 2010.

    Hannah Bannana,

    I visit you in my dream's to. I hope you come to visit soon.

    Goldsnitch, ro Grandma,

    that's okay I got your E-mail

    Aunt Joanne,

    I hope you do come to visit but if you don't we'll come to visit you
    I love you almost as much as Chocolate Bunnie's

    sorry I didn't Reply sooner

    Lot's of love to you all