Sunday, March 29, 2009

The drive to through Mexico to Guatemala- what an adventure

Well to pick up where I last left off (a week ago today). The drive to Guatemala from the US (virginia) through Mexico is done. Heavenly Father was allowing me learn patience on several levels.
So we did as we were told and approached the Mexican border early Monday morning. We crossed the US border with no problems but then as we attempted to cross over to Mexico it did not take long to realize that apparently I had done everything wrong that I could before hand and that resulted in us being stuck for over 10 hrs in what Stormy called no-mans land (not in Mexico or the US), costing extra money to fix the mistakes. From there we drove and drove and drove some more (3500 miles total). I had calculated 3000 miles but hey whats another 500 miles. By the way with a tow dolly it is impossible to go in reverse, that makes things interesting in narrow mexican and Guatemalan streets. Mexico was/is beautiful. We drove down the Golf coast, they call it La Costa Esmeralda or Emerald Coast. Which was dotted with fishing villages, beaches and green Mts. I even saw some pretty good surf a couple of times. Yes I was tempted to stop and catch a few waves since I had my boards on top of the car but I didn't dare put Stormy through any more pain. In the Mexican State of Vera Cruz we started crossing the country to the pacific side which is actually due south. Seems like Guatemala should be due south of Mexico but it is actually east. Anyway while crossing the country we crossed through these giant wind mill farms. There must of been like a thousand wind mills. And they are 80 meters high. That 220+ feet. They were impressive. They are using them for alternative energy.
So after about 30hrs of driving in just Mexico (including getting my fuel pump replaced that went out and a mechanic happened to see us stranded in a gas station and was nice enough to replace it right there for us) we arrived at the Guatemalan border. Long story short it took a day and a half to cross it. From there we drove all the way across the Guatemala (about 10hrs) to reach our house. Well actually that is the parking lot were we are renting a space that has a boat dock that we use to cross the river to get to our home. Then we moved all of our stuff by boat to the house and we were finished officially on Thursday at about 3pm. So there it is the trip that was to take 6 or 7 days took 9. What an adventure. It was awesome.
Since we have been here we have done alot of work at the house and alot of people in town have been very helpful. We did go visit La Finca Paraiso (Paradise Farm) where they have hot spring water falls. It is in the middle of the Jungle. Very relaxing. It cost 20 Quetzales to go. $1.25 each. I will take you all there when you come visit. I have met alot of new friends and made alot of business contacts already, well they are all pretty much one and the same. I have also inquired about some volunteer work that we can do. There are alot of opportunities to serve.
Mel and the kids will be here late Tuesday night. I can't wait.



  1. Nathan,

    It sounds like you had quite an adventure without us. It sounds painful but fun at the same time.

    We love you and miss you!

    See you tomorrow!

  2. Yeah! I am just awestruck that you are doing this. I bet the weather is hot already, or always is, right? And yes, I want to see it all when we come see you! Mel - take good care and I want to hear all your adventures, too! Be safe and enjoy the trip!

  3. I got goose-bumps reading this Nathan. PLEASE keep on writing. May you and your family be blessed in this incredible adventure. And btw, let's just start figuring on the Sheridan's coming out there in 2010. I'm serious about that. We love you guys. Thanks for your goodness.

  4. XELA,
    AH... Your leaving!!!! NOOOOO! Oh well I know you will like the place and have fun there! I was crying all day sat. and sun. I am still about to cry but what ev. SO, tell me how the flight was and Flordia and Your NEW HOUSE IN A DIFFERENT COUNTRY!!!! I love you. Here come the tears... Love COURTNEY