Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I wanted a bigger picture on my blog. I can't figure out how to put a big one right at the top and don't have time to figure it out before we go. I am so technically behind. I wanted to add a slideshow but can't figure it out, so that will be coming!

We are packing and purging and tying up loose ends. It's a little hectic but we are still thinking of all of you.

Thank you for all the great comments so far! I loved the answers to my ten item question! You can learn alot from a person by what they would bring. Joann's friend item was my favorite! I wish we could take you all with us!

Love ya,



  1. Hey Nathan and Mel!! It's Kristi and David Crowell here in Lubbock,Tx. We have been trying to find you all to see how things are so I googled you guys and found this!! I am in shock!! David has been wanting to talk to Nate! If you get a chance call him...806-789-9547. maybe we should come join you guys! It sure sounds wonderful!!

  2. David,
    I have been trying to look you up. I am so glad ya'll found us. I will give you a call. We have a lot of catching up to do.