Saturday, March 7, 2009


If you were moving to a foreign country and could only take 10 items from your house and had to give everything else away what would they be?


  1. Nathan and Mel!!!! So GLAD to hear all the wonderful news! Wow. Impressive. I cannot wait to "share" this experience through you. The blog is a great idea. I have a ton of questions - but, ten items from the house I would take would be the washer/dryer, crock pot, books, bikes, mattresses, laptop, cell phones, 72-hour kits, microwave, and stamping stuff!

  2. The Saabye List=
    Joe-Tools, Running Shoes, First Aid Kit
    Kim-BOOKS, Chocolate, Bug Spray
    Aaron-Nintendo DS, Bike
    Grace-Diapers, Formula

    We can't wait to hear about all your adventures! We love you guys!!!!

  3. Tina
    Thanks for the comment.
    We have a question for you too. How do you set up such a cool blog? How do you put a big picture on it and the song list? We are so technologically deficient.
    You mentioned you had so many questions. Please send them away.

  4. Nathan! You get a "cool" blog by spending way too much time playing with it! Check out these websites - (backgrounds) and picnik (photo-editing). Blogger and the templates have plenty of little ways to make your blog more your own. I'll help, too, with more specifics if you run into trouble. Just posting, though, is what we're all reading for, so you are off to a great start.

  5. Hey guys!!!!
    I think i figured out how to do this. this is a great idea.

  6. ok sorry i didn't do this in the first post, but here goes
    hammack, a good book, water, sunblock, bug spray, a friend to talk to, swim shoes, band aids, neosporin, and spell check. HA HA

    love you guys and i hope all goes well