Sunday, March 22, 2009

Well alot has happened in the past few days. We had a crazy couple of weeks between the first week of March (when I returned home from my last Guatemala trip) and March 18th. We put the house on the market which required purging it. We sold or gave away all of our big items on craigslist except our bedroom set. That was fun. Then we had to decide what stuff we wanted to take (it all had to fit in the Suburban and A Isuzu Rodeo that I am towing to Guate). On Wednesday my business partner and good friend Stormy and I started driving towards Guatemala. I am currently in Brownsville TX. We tried to cross the Mexican border yesterday but the Mexican Transmigrant office was already closed so we were returned back across the US border and we will be crossing tomorrow. The trip has gone very smooth so far. Our first day we left mid-day in Newport News VA and we drove through NC and SC and ended up stopping alittle north of Atlanta GA. Thursday we drove the rest of the way through GA and Alabama and Stopped in Miss. Friday I got to see alot of the country I had not seen before (which I always love seeing new places). We drove through Miss and into LA (we detoured 20 miles or so so I could see New Orleans) then entered northeastern TX. We drove through Houston and stopped Victoria TX. Yesterday we made it to southern TX where we meet Charles and Lorena (Victor Castillos niece and her husband, Lorena is also Sister and daughter of some Guatemalans friends TT and Lety) so they could give us some pointers on crossing the border. They where very helpful and nice. Charles also helped us find a place to get new tires for our car dolly. The tires were pretty worn and we didn't know if they would make it through Mexico and to Guatemala. We have been in the Bronwsville TX area since yesterday midday. It is probably good that we got a chance to get some extra rest and to watch some of the NCAA bball tourney. It is beautful here (reminds me of Florida). In the morning we continue our trip. I can not wait to see Mexico. I am sure it will be beautiful.

I love you all and can't wait to hear from you



  1. Wow sounds like we are missing a great adventure! We miss you and love you!
    I am so thankful that you are being kept safe!


  2. Cool beans. Hasta Luego amigo!

  3. Yeah - the adventure builds! Safe journeys!

  4. Nathan,
    we heard you are there now and at the house, waahoo- glad you were safe. We miss your family already! Send us some plane tickets and we will come see you-ha. (You know Eber)
    Sonia and Family