Wednesday, March 11, 2009

When is the best time to do something crazy?

You may call it a coincidence but I do not remember the last time the stars aligned so perfectly (to do something crazy that is). Many of you know that I am a big sports fan. My beloved Redskins have been on a hot streak. Lets see last Superbowl win was in 1991. Hey, that was when I was living in Guatemala. They have had only one playoff win since then. Us Redskin fans call it a victorious season if we just make the playoffs or at least beat the Cowboys once during the season. I'm a big UVa fan. Which naturally means I hate Va Tech, right. Well lets see. Our football team started its 3rd string QB by the time the season got under way. Now we normally struggle to win when we have the 1st stringer in. For our season finale against our biggest rivals (those hokie pokies) we started at QB our defensive corner back. Just to throw those hokies off guard. And it almost worked. We only lost by 3. That's a success by today's standards. Our basketball team.... we used to just try and make to the big dance but now we just want to make the NIT but we will settle for less. Why do I keep following these teams. I must love the pain. Back to the stars being aligned perfectly. Our beloved gov't has done everything possible to destroy the insurance industry especially the Medicare insurance industry. I'm sure the gov't has helped your industry whatever that may be or at least given you a sense of a little more security, right. Ha Ha. And lets see my absolutely favorite political party is now completely running the show and being lead by my favorite politician. Some that know me may say that we our running from those dang stars. But I assure you that this is nothing but coincidence (with a nudge). With great adversity comes great opportunity. It is obvious that my sports teams have a great opportunity at hand and I consider the same for myself.

So lets hear your take, when is the best time to do something crazy, or at least try something new?



  1. Nathan,
    The best time to do something crazy? There are two kinds of crazy in my humble opinion, fun crazy and stupid crazy. I hitched to florida on the day i graduated high school, that was stupid crazy. Not planned well and very dangerous.
    Fun crazy is to me when oppotunity knocks and you go with it. Life is surpose to be fun and exciting I think. But we weigh all the pros and cons, and the pro's win. when it feels like the right choice it usally is.
    Nathan i made alot of selfish choises in my life, didn't learn till i was pretty old that running away from anything is not the answer.
    You are a wonderful husband and father, just seeing your wife and kids tell me that. So take your family on this wonderful adventure. Live Life to the fullest, Be available to help others.
    love ya
    aunt jo

  2. Aunt Jo,
    Thanks for your kind thoughts and wisdom. I truly appreciate your support. One memory I will always hold dear to me is when I was leaving for my mission trip and you and Sonny were very supportive. And Sonny pulling me aside and telling me how proud he was of me. Memories like that are what I cling to and help me get through challenges. You have always been a example to me of how to stay positive while facing lifes roadblocks. We miss you too.

    By the way hows that crazy chicken. He'd love Guatemala. Ha Ha

    love you,


  3. Nathan old friend it is amazing to think about how long it has been already since we have seen each other. I remember you as a man of "faith" and because you have "faith" there are no real "crazy" things to be done. You have made a decision you have prayed about it. You received an answer. If that answer was opposite of what you are doing. You will not obtain the greater blessings. If you are in accordance with the Father, all that he has will be yours. Sorry to strike so philisophical on you. You watched me leave VA to go down to NC. only to not have a job waiting for me there. I met some really wonderful ppl and grew not only spiritually but also in faith. I ended up down in south Mississippi just in time to be moved again by Katrina. I grew even stronger from my adversity and my family is now closer because of it. Our lives have already been planed. And the ending will be as the father already knows our hearts and intentions. Man is that we may have joy! So live your life and find joy in the journey. If the Lord can feed the birds he will surely feed his children. No need to be scared just be faithful. I look forward to reading your blog and seeing and hearing all about it.

    Love you guys,
    James Ball

  4. Thanks for the comment James. Man it has been along time. Do ya remember all those bball battles? Hey, Stake President Hansen had wood floors installed. I always loved that guy.
    Your right on point. In my opinion one of the most important things we can learn in this life is how to go to the Lord in earnest pray, and learn to be willing to receive the answer no matter what it is and to have the faith to follow his counsel. Our Heavenly Father loves us so much. Scripture says multiple times knock and it show be opened to you and in my opinion he is waiting on the other side of the door just hoping we will knock so he can open up unimaginable experiences and blessings to us. But it takes faith on our part to knock. And he can only bless faith.
    Glad to hear how well your family is doing. And I am envious of that cool blog.

    thanks again,


  5. If you're not doing something "good crazy"'re not living! You gotta do some things on a leap of faith or you'll never know what you're missing out on. Follow your dreams isn't that what life's all about?


  6. Well said Preston. Your the man. That is exactly what I was getting at. You gotta live life to its fullest. We can never reach our full potential if we don't. Our dreams our on the other side of our fear and so is faith.