Friday, March 6, 2009

Nathans 1st Post

Wow what an exciting time! I went to Guatemala as a missionary in 1991 for the Church of JesusChrist of Latter-Day Saints. I had the experience of a lifetime. One that truly changed my life forever. During this time I learned so many things that had a deep impact on me. I truly learned who I was and what I was made of. I learned a love for people. As I had time to learn a new language and culture I grew a greater appreciation for my own. I started to understand how blessed I was to have been born in the USA. However I quickly learned how talented people how lessor temporal means are in other areas. For example when you have little temporal distractions and options your relationships mean so much more. I learned from these people the true meaning of being a life long friend, not just being a friend as long as there is a self-interest present. In short I feel like Guatemala gave me so much more than I ever gave her.
Since the time I met my wife Melody (like two days after returning from my mission) in June of 1993 I have shared my love of Guatemala and its people with her. I was so fortunate to take her backpacking through Guatemala in 1998. To my surprise she love it also. In 2000 I went on 2 trips to Guatemala, one with my sister Kim and another with Melody. I spent the next few years focusing on business pursuits and watching our 4 children grow (Ammon 12, Xela 9, Brigham 7, Gabriella 2) as a piece of my heart longed for an opportunity to be in Guatemala. In April of 2008 Melody and I decided to take the 3 older kids to Guatemala for the first time. They loved it. Now we had a houseful of people that loved the country and its people. I could really see us living there some day, but when. Well that time came at the end of 2008. After a chain of events happened, we felt as a family that the timing was right to take this leap of faith and move to Guatemala. We have felt several confirmations from the Holy Ghost that God has a special mission for our family in Guatemala. We do not know exactly what that is yet but we know that he will provide many opportunities for us to serve his special people there.
Wow I must have the most wonderful wife in the world. She is truly my 100% partner and supporting. She never doubts me. I know she will be a true blessing to many people in Guatemala just like she has been here in Virginia. She is Gods special gift to me.
Well I invite all our many friends and family to be part of out adventure by following our blog and invite everyone of you to come visit us in Guatemala. You will have a place to stay. And I guarantee it will enrich your life. I have to date taken 7 people to Guatemala for their first visit and they have all loved it.


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  1. It is interesting that the lesson of relationships is one that we learned moving to Qatar as well. We are not living in an area that is temporarily low for the most part the things are just not available. It has been an education and one that I'm am eternally grateful for.

    God does indeed bless us when we heed his call to go and do the things which he has commanded. Elder Holland spoke to us on a recent visit, stating not to worry about the "why". We are to ask How we are to accomplish our mission while here and What we should be doing. It has changed my life.

    Thank you for sharing your adventure.