Friday, March 6, 2009

You're Doing What!!!???

"You're doing what?" This is the question we got from our friends and family when we first made the announcement back in November of 2008. I can understand their surprise. Many of them had no idea that this was actually a dream of ours since the first time I visited Guatemala with Nathan 10 years ago. It is a beautiful country with amazing people.

I think we always knew in our hearts we would live there someday.

Nathan was doing well in the insurance business as a broker, but really was not happy and pretty stressed alot because the government kept messing with the rules and restrictions of the products. So, when someone offered to buy the management share of his business he jumped on it. Some friends of ours from Guatemala offered for us to stay in their home they were building in the Quetzaltenango area. It is a beautiful home and got our wheels tuning. Nathan started making business plans and I bought Rosetta Stone Latin America! We prayed about it and the Holy Ghost confirmed the decision. We haven't looked back.

We did however change our minds about staying in our friends house because we decided to import cars and Quetzaltenango is a long drive from the port. We decided to look for homes on the caribbean coast instead.

We found a great house! I would post a picture for you, but we don't have one yet! It is right on the river and only accessible by boat, but it has an amazing view, cocunut trees, a inground pool and a private beach.

I will post a picture once we have one.


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