Friday, May 1, 2009

Swimming with the Alligators!

Just kidding on the title. Still no sign of them. There are tributaries off the river that are slow moving - I think that's where the alligators hang out, so we just swim with frogs.

I love the questions! Keep them coming!

The lizard in the picture above is waiting for my sister Kelley to come visit so he can chase her around for a picture. I am feeding him and fattening him up so he won't be so fast and she can get away.

The boat in the first picture is our new boat. We named her Gabi after our Gabby. I don't know why we had to spell it that way. Nathan just said that we had to spell it Gabi. She is so proud to have "Her new boat" named after her. Don't worry the other kids aren't upset. They love Gabi and are happy the boat is named for her. I guess that's the great thing about such a big age difference. The older kids just dote on her like we do.

Sorry about all of the pictures but I know that some of you enjoy seeing as much as reading the blog. I am so grateful for the shrinking option though! It makes it much quicker and easier to powt pics for you all.

Mr. Castillo came to town yesterday afternoon to fix our water pump and the pool filter and one of his boat engines. We had a nice surprise in that he was able to bring his wife and 2 children that still live at home. Xela was elated because she and Angie have gotten quite close.

We decided to try some water sports with the boat. Kevin taught Ammon how to waterski (He actually got up a couple of times but I wasn't quick enough with the camera) and the rest got to float around on the yellow tube. It looked fun.

Ok - answer time!

Kelley, That is cool that your friends are coming out. If they are doing a BOM tour they will probably go to Lake Atitlan which BYU scholars believe to be the Waters of Mormon and to Tikal which is the major Mayan ruins here. There are more ruins throughout the country but the Tikal ruins are the biggest. I'm envious of them. I would love to come in that capacity and have someone explain the significance of the spots to me in relation to the Book of Mormon.

Guatemala City is about a 4 hour drive from us and not a very easy one. It is around mountains and sometimes only 2 lanes and you get stuck a lot behind trucks going to take cargo to Puerto Barrios (the port Nathan imports cars to). We have to go to town every now and then but once we get our Guatemala tags on the car we will go to San Pedro Sula for big city stuff. It is in Hondurus but only 2 hours and a nice drive along the carribean coast (pics on pier in very first posts from this drive). Nathan has to go to the city to order tags for vehicles ect. but we haven't gone when he is doing that because it can be sitting in office buildings all day. Lake Atitlan is in the Western Highlands of Guatemala. Probably another 2 and a half to 3 hours drive past Guatemala City for us. We are all the way on the other side of Guatemala close to the Carribean Coast. Our river empties into the Carribean. I think that is why the river is so clear. We can see the fish swimming with goggles and a snorkel.

I think Guatemala has 3 or 4 missions now. I don't know what ours is called but Nathan's over in the western highlands was the Quatzeltenango mission and there is a Guatemala City mission also I believe. There were only 2 when Nathan was here but I do think someone said there is 3 or 4 now. I will ask Nathan.

Gabby is not swimming currently because one of the first days her she hurt her knees falling down. It took 2 weeks to heal and that same day they were considered all better she fell down again and scraped her knees. They have just now healed up. She refuses to wear shorts because of this and is scared to go in the water because she thinks it will sting the owies. She also freaks out about bath water touching them which has been horrible because she gets reallys sweaty and stinky when she sleeps and really needs a bath every morning but it is a big fight that I often loose. Don't get me wrong she still gets bathed just not every day. She is so strong willed and a fighter. Unlike the 3 older were. Kind of like someone else I know!!!! I love her to death though and wouldn't change it.

Joanne, Are you crazy!! Do not ever ever mention cake on this blog again!!! Which answers one of mama's questions about what do I miss most - American desserts! Just Kidding Joanne! My mouth was watering and my stomach grumbling but I forgive you!

Mama, The weather in virginia sounds wonderful. Spring in Virginia is my favorite season. I love fall also but spring is so nice with all the flowers - too bad that's what brings the pollen!

Favorite things here:
All the fresh vegetables and fruits everywhere!
The chill layed back atmosphere.
The river view.
The sounds of the river, the rain, the birds, the frogs.
The peaceful way of life without the many distractions.
Trying new foods.

Favorite things I miss about home:
Walmart prices on things I enjoy
Freedom to hop in the car and run errands on my own
The ability to communicate with others(this is a big one)
I know you said I couldn't say this but - all of you.

Nathan just called and said he found some monkeys across the river so I've got to go take pictures for you guys!!!



  1. I'm so glad you have your own boat. I know it makes your life much easier. How fun for the kids to go tubing. I've always wanted to go before. Joe has a job interview on monday. Please think of us during your fast on sunday. Oh I have a new calling...I'm the new savvy sisters group leader. It should be fun! Maybe it'll keep me in R.S. a little longer:) Love y'all again, Kim --sorry for the random comments, I'm super tired`)

  2. morning guys,
    so what kind of breakfast foods do you have? with kids i always had cereal, eddie was a froot loops kid. and is there milk? How bout eggs?
    and bread, do you have to make your own or do they have sliced bread?
    ok i am off to market.
    love ya

  3. Love, love, love the pics!!!It is such a help for a Grandma's heart:-( I sent the box with day today. So everyone pray for the Box!!Is that Briggie diving!? That's really good. It's hard not to flip that high. Did you know Aunt Jo was on a swim team and I was the asst. coach?

  4. Oh the swim team was so fun!!!! and i got ribbons remind me to show them to you, great grandma made a scrapbook of them. I did used to dive off the high diving board too. and it is hard to dive and not fall over. Brigham is doing a great job!!!
    love you more than.....M & M's even peanut ones
    aunt jo

  5. Tia,
    it is better having are own Boat well, It's Better then Having someone drive us. Tubbing was Fun I'm glad Jojo had a job Interview how did he do?

    Aunt joanne
    I Enjoyed the Swimm team to. Yes we do have Sliced Bread and, Breakfast Stuff
    love ya Almost as much as PB M&M'S, Ha ha kidding

    ya Briggie Dives alot, But I hope he Dosen't do it off of the Bridge. That's cool You were Ast, Coach that Would be so fun. I am Excited to get the Box

    P.S. did Dad tell you Guy's that he was trying to teach Mom how to Drive the Boat yesterday?May 7th, It was Intersting Ha ha, Kidding She did Prtty good

    Love Ya'll

  6. Well I would say "Stay between the lines(as in driving a car)...but there's no lines in the river. That could be good or bad. Just stay away from everybody and everything!! You'll do great!!