Thursday, May 21, 2009

Lu Lu and the dealership

I am so sorry I don't have pics yet of all that I am posting today. I forgot to take the camera with me yesterday.

Nathan took us to meet a monkey named Lulu. He met a guy who wants to buy a car and he has a pet monkey. She is so cute. You wouldn't believe how human like she is. Her little hands are so amazing. The kids had a ball with her! Xela was holding her on the leash the most and LuLu would grab the leash with her little hand and lead Xela here and there like Xela was the one on the leash. It was super funny!

Then we went to the lot and hung out with Nathan and Temio. We had to go meet with the Gallo rep to see how our tienda is coming along. We should get it on the lot soon. I think Nathan may have sold the truck already. It was a great find mama and papa! The guatemalan's love the convertible feature. Nathan is taking it out to negotiate with the guy today. Guatemalan's love toyota pickups! I will get pics of LuLu and the lot and post them. I promise!



  1. I'm so glad it's selling quick. Little vote is for the parrot. monkeys can have some bad habits.Luv ya!!!

  2. Keep the monkey, I bet he can wash dishes and fold laundry:)Kimbo

  3. Nathan & Mel (and kids)-
    I just spent the past hour reading EVERY post from start to finish! WOW! You guys are awesome! You make me want to sell everything and move to Guatemala! It sounds amazing, peaceful, and perfect there! We would love to come and visit you all and experience just a bit of your new home! This may sound silly, but I would love to know more about how much things cost there. How much does it cost to rent a home? How much money do you need to bring with you to start off? How do you find work?
    Just wondering.....or am I dreaming?
    Tell everyone we said hello and we miss you all! We love you and please keep bloging!

  4. Mel, Nathan and Kids, Just joined and wanted to say HI and we miss you. I am taking care of Greatgrandma Beanie. In fact I just saw her today. I am enjoying reading about all of your adventures. Eat a coconut for me!! Love you guys!!! Robin