Friday, May 1, 2009

Monkeys on the Rio and I don't mean Brigham!

I know! I know! I am out of control! I promise to slow down and give you a few days break from posting. I just knew that after the cliff hanger of the last post you would all be dying to see the monkeys!

They live right across the river from us. They were good at getting out of view of the camera though. There was a mommy and baby that I will try to catch a shot of next time but they were too far away and to quick for me.

Oh yeah - I also miss shout and hot water to wash my clothes with!



  1. You can't post too many pics or info. Just don't make yourself crazy. Do you want to hear something funny? I wanted to see if I could send you the almonds. If you Google nuts to Guatemala, the 4th thing on the Google list is "Thomas family in Guatemala.." that's too funny!!

  2. Hey Mel,

    Thank you for the picture of the lizard. Now tell me how in the world they run on two legs with such a long tail?

    I know, I too am a bit jealous of the Cochran's coming visit to the BOM sites. Her husband owns Mobile Medical that makes mobile medical units that the govt. and others have used in war areas, I think disaster areas etc. He started it from scratch and has done a good job. Because of the contracts, he travels and the family has traveled before to different countries. I think that is great. Kind of like your adventure in Guatemala.

    I want to come so bad... defintely December of 2010, middle of Hunter's Junior year. :) Can we still swim in December?

    When Julia and I went to Border's I looked at a book of Guatemala and quickly realized that Dave would probably melt into a puddle and complain if we came in April. I read that the winter months are very rainy? Probably still warm enough to swim though?

    I read about a cool place called San Buenauentra de Atitlan (I hope I spelled it right, or copied it right). It is a reserve near a place called Panajachel. It sounded beautiful with 25 species of butterflies and over 50 types of orchaids. Hear of it? Probably far away?

    I love the pics of your children and there can't be too many. Gabby looks clean to me! She is such a cutie. I am assuming you are saying that the strong willed reminds you of me.... since I can't dispute that I am stubborn, and maybe strong willed I won't get mad. Haha. I love checking in on you and your family here. I love you little sister. Hugs to kids and Hi to Nate.


  3. Kelley,

    Yes you can swim here year round! No winter here on the river only rainy season and dry season.

    We love Panajachel. It is on Lake Atitlan (the lake I told you is thought to be the waters of Mormon.) It is absolutely beautiful and I have made Nathan take me there every time we come to Guatemala. It is like 6-7 hours from where we live now so it is quite a drive and I hear the drive is bad in the rainy season because of mud slides. We have only visited the western Highlands during the dry season so I am not sure but we are going to be going that way this week. Nathan has a business contact for the car business he is going to go see on Wednesday. It is just the begining of the rainy season so hopefully the drive will go good. We would love to take you to the reserve though.. I am always looking for an excuse to go to Panajachel. It is much cooler there anyway. Dave and Hunter would like watching the fishermen. Someone brought some kind of big black fish to the Lake several years ago to stock the lake with and give it variety but supposedly that particular fish has killed off all the other species and is the dominant fish now with just a few others.

    I love ya!



  4. Hello there!! It's Hannah Banana! I'm now officially caught up on the blog! Sooo fun! I love all the details and pics of your new life! But it's 12:30am and my eyes are starting to cross. Love you all,