Thursday, May 7, 2009


Really I can't lie I'm really only putting another Post Because my other one's got pushed back from April and, I want to be able to hear from all of you.



  1. I miss you but excited for all your adventures, new friends and learning experiences.

  2. hey Xela,
    I have a robins nest right outside my front door. she had 5 eggs and she sits on them and only lease to eat. Tuedays the babies hatched. so now there are 4 baby birds. do you have email, or tell your grandma to send you the pics of them.
    love you
    aunt jo

  3. Xela,
    We have a busy weekend ahead. Tomorrow is Aaron's teacher appreciation day, so we are making a giant cookie/brownie(undecided right now). The sister missionaries are coming over to visit me tomorrow night. Joe is taking Noah and Aaron to the Father/Son Ward camp out(its a first for the boys). On Saturday we are walking 5 miles for March of Dimes-March for Babies at the Great Wolf Lodge. Then I have a baby shower. Then finally I have a interview for a 9 month old baby. Then Sunday we are going to Noah's first communion. Wish us luck on our hectic weekend. Take in some tropical sun for Tia and send it this way. I'm tired just thinking of the weekend ahead. But Life is Good! We miss ya tons. Love, Tia

  4. Hey Xela,
    I have a lot of auditions to do! I am trying out for a dancing and singing thing and also possibly trying out for a competion play. I got your letter! I will hang it up in my locker as soon as I can. Oh! I am also now on a swim team-this should be funn! Question: What was your favorite thing to do here? Also, I am seeing several fights here at middle school and it is kinda creepying me out-if you know what I mean!!! [Some of them even had blood!] Okay anyway-post or comment back! Love ya!

  5. Grandma,
    Thank you!! I miss you to

    Aunt Joanne,
    That is so Cool you Know About the bird's nest. No, I don't Have an Email but you can send it to my mom:

    I Can't Wait to see The Photos!

    WOW! You were Busy. I bet it was Hard but fun. How did the interview go? Sorry I actually got the Comment the day you posted it but I came to find out that I didn't sign in so long story short it got erased.

    Good Luck on the auditions! I can't beileve that you're on a swim-team- When is your first meet? I loved going to my neiboghorhood pool. That is Creepy - you know the fights.

    P.S. Did Dad Tell you About teaching mmom how to drive the boat. It was intersting Kidding! She did good.


  6. ah i want to cry right now i just want to hug you so much!

  7. the above is from me, courtney I forgot to sign it. I was going to tell you I saw the hannah montanah movie and kept looking over my seat thinking you would show up there. Visit soon please! courtney

  8. Hey Courtney,

    Did I tell you that my Dad Bought the Hannah Montana Movie? for like Two Dollar's Because somebody videotaped it in the Movie theater Haha, I didn't Know it untill Sombody Stood up Haha,

    I miss you to. I hope we Can Come to Visit soon.
    lot's of X's & O's


  9. hey SHAY SHAY,
    Thats so cool you got the movie! ONly 2 BUCKS?
    I went and saw it too. Tell me if you liked it.. Oh and I have a letter for you I am just waiting for your address from my mom! Oh and I got yours! I am going to hang it up in my locker. At school we had a lock down. It was pretty fun and scary. The police came in with german shepards and checked all the lockers for weapons or drugs. An expierence to remember!
    Love courtney

  10. to ammon FROM "CHINAMAN"
    why do you like UVA man? They don't- theyre not good at sports you know. I really miss you man. When are you comeing back?,like seroiusly dude in my dream you were right beside me but then dude I woke up and you WERENT TTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT

  11. Courtney,
    I have another Letter waitig for you at home. did you read about Lulu the Monkey? my Dad said that he dosn't know when we will get an Address but When we do I'll tell you. ya I loved the movie.

    P.S. I'll email you


  12. From: Ammon
    TO: UVA's worst fan. You'll see Sam, you'll see. UVa will beat VT the next time they play. Like father like son. Every time your dad came over, he whined about them losing if thier not losing he was whining because they were going to lose.

    from Ammon UVA #1 fan and still proud of it

  13. Hey XELA!
    I am starting my own card business I know it sounds so weird! But anyway, I will design cards and secretly give it to someone with out them noticing till I am gone and not leave my name on it. Then they'll be like who gave me this nice card?? And I will be like smiling behind them and maybe they'll feel good. Not sure exactly how I will sneak it up to them though... or who I will give it to... do you have any idea?

    P.S. I am excited to get your email
    P.S.S. Did you get mine?
    P.S.S.S. AMMON-Sam read your comment and is thinking about what to say. But I think right now he wants to tell you he got a blue ds for his bday 2 days ago.