Wednesday, May 6, 2009


We finally made it over to Quirigua, some ruins near our house. It was fun but I wish we would have had a guide. They didn't have any there available. You must have to hire them at the tour agencies. We could still feel the feeling you get walking through an ancient area and the wander and awe of a civilization that once was, but it would have been even better to have an explanation of what we were looking at. We did have a little guide book that helped some.

I will definately do some investigating and read up on it before we go back again.

In one of the pictures Xela is holding a cotton like fiber in her hands. The trees were shedding this everywhere. We also saw a lot of rubber trees with little black cups collecting the rubber product. I should have taken a picture.

There is also a picture of Xela by a tree with huge roots growing up out of the ground. We thought that was cool, and a picture of Xela by a huge rock ruin. I am pretty positive that it is a carving of a turtle. I would like to read and see how the mayans viewed turtles. The tall carving by Ammon was one of many. They are monuments erected in honour of the rulers. They are carved with their likeness and symbols indicating how long they ruled. One had a picture of a man with his hands on the head of the ruler.

They are still excavating and it is obvious that there are more buried temples there because of the great mounds in the area. Our mayan guide at Tikal told us these are more temples.

You have to come visit this place with us!



  1. Okay now, your kids are already looking different. They need to stop growing and stay little. The ruins are so awesome. I'm so glad your happy. We miss ya tons. Anyhow heres something funny Aaron said to me "Mom, do you ever take off your flip flops?" hehe. Miss you and love you guys! love, Tia

  2. The kids really do look like they are growing so quick. Tell them Grandma said to put a brick on their heads to keep them small.(Saying from Great-Great grandma Chandler) There is something about the ruins...a special feeling.

  3. So everyone kept telling me they were going to put a brick on my head, I am the same height i was in 6th grade.
    I love ruins, I always loved going to Williamburg, yorktown and jamestown. But when you grow up with them so close, we seem to take them for granted. But riding down the yorktown battlefields back road was always very touching to me. I have always been a sap about stuff.
    remember "Let it Shake" which was a saying of junie's.
    love yasssssss

  4. Hey it's Xela
    I love ruins to jest to know the way things looked a long time ago is cool.
    Aunt Joanne
    you must have been one tall 11-year-old.
    There was a ruin carved that looked like a man was getting a Blessing cool right.


  5. That's really cool about the carving.