Wednesday, May 6, 2009


We made it back over the Castillo de San Felipe and took a tour of the tower/fort/jail. We found out that the Spanish kept their gold in a town called Mariscos on Lake Izabal and pirates were constantly coming up the Rio Dulce and trying to steal it. So they built a watch tower first to keep an eye out at the entrance of Lake Izabal. It then was expanded to a fort and then included a prison in which all of the pirate prisoners eventually died (supposedly from illness). I jokingly asked the guide if they ever see the ghosts of the pirates. She very seriouusly told us yes that they hear the chains rattle and the cry of the pirates. Spooky! I wouldn't want to be there at night!

We decided to check out Mariscos on Lake Izabal. It was beautiful. We ate at a restaruant overlooking the lake and then swam. The water at first was clear and beautiful and people were swimming and there was a banana boat going but then everyone cleared out and the water got choppy and rough. I wander if it is like the Xocomil on Lake Atitlan. Everyday on Atitlan at 2:30 or 3:00 everyone clears off the lake because a heavy wind blows and the water becomes choppy.

We rented some tubes for Q5 a piece and had a blast. And Gabby got in the water! Yeah Gabby!

We can't wait to take you here!



  1. Gabby you're a little fish like Nemo!!! I'm so happy for you.xoxo

  2. Ammon do you have muscles!? Don't let them work you too hard:-)

  3. Gabby,
    You're a little princess fish! Not one hair is out of place. Tia thought you well. hehe. Don't forget to quote me little munchin. love, Tia/Kim

  4. Somewhere over the rainbow, I love it with a little carribean swing with it!!!
    Remember to "Let it Shake"
    love ya