Monday, May 11, 2009

"Let it shake"

This post is in memory of Junie Chandler. We heard about his passing. We couldn't help but be happy for him. He is finally free of pain and has a free spirit - free from a handicapped body. We wish we could be there to celebrate his entry to a better place with all of you. Give Grandma lots of kisses and hugs for us. I'm sure this is a little hard for her. She is the last of all her siblings. They are all up in heaven partying without her. They will have to wait for her though. We aren't ready to let her go yet!

Love you guys!

Mel, Nate and Kids


  1. I remember Junie always making me smile. He always was nice to me, loved Dad "George, you been good?". I'm happy for him too. It will special when we get to see him again.

  2. Okay, I know I'm not a member of the family, but, I have to ask - what does "let it shake" mean?

    Sorry about your great uncle. And you are right - now he is far better off than we are!

  3. Let it shake explanation.
    Our grandparents had a ceiling fan in their living room. it wobbled when it ran, someone told junie about it and he said "Let it Shake"
    just returned from virginia.
    saw all the family and cousins. always a good time when we all get together. junie and page are together again.
    love you all

  4. It was a beautiful service. The spirit of love was there strong. It sure was nice to see the family.

  5. I am sorry that I was not there for the service and the oppurtunity to see all the family.

    I will always remember Junie. He had/has a special spirit. He would always say he was "perky".

    Grandma Beanie is one od the best story tellers of all times. And some of her best stories are about Junie. If you have not heard them please ask her to tell you some like> The time Great Grandpa came in the house and asked Junie what the newman was saying (this was during vietnam). Or about Junie singing "she'll be coming around the mountain when she comes" on top of the chicken coup.
    love ya Junie. You will be missed. But I am happy for you.