Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Nature Everywhere!

One of things Nathan and I were discussing today is that we love the nature all around us. When we start feeling sad and missing all of you the nature is what helps us get through. Sitting on the hammock watching the ducks or a boat ride or a discovery of tadpoles nearby.... it is healing somehow. We really are very happy here but we have our moments of sadness when we think of our friends and family.

Xela discovered some tadpoles with Angie (the things in the plastic bucket). She really wanted to keep them and watch them go through the phases of life. It would have been very educational but I didn't have the heart to trap them. We decided to let them go. Maybe one day when we have a happier situation to keep them in we can find some more.

Ingred and Eddie (Our guard family) brought us some honeycomb yesterday. I think they felt bad for my family because we gave them some Rosa Jamaica (an herb tea made from hibiscus) the other day and it was pretty sour. Nathan told them I don't like to add too much sugar to it. Eddie taught us how to squeeze the honey out of the combs. I took a picture of Gabby and Xela helping me. It was so pure and clear. We added it to the Rosa Jamaica. The honey was the perfect sweetener.

We have an island that we pass by everyday to get to our car. It is called bird island because tons and tons of birds hang out there. I have never seen anything like it. There were so many ducks there I had to try to take a picture of them all. If you look close at the picture of Nathan in the boat they are flying away behind us. I tried to take a picture of all the white birds in the trees on the island but you can't see them very good.

The monkeys weren't across the river today. We will keep our eye out for them though.

Hannah - I am so glad you are caught up!

Kelley - I answered your last comment on that same comment page. I was too eager to answer back and didn't have time for a post.

Joanne- For breakfast half the mornings I make a fruit drink with mango, frozen bananas, avacado (to slow the sugar and give a nice smooth flavor) coconut, coconut milk and sometimes cacao. This gives us a good start to the morning and lots of antioxidants. The other half of the time I make french toast, pancakes, oatmeal, cold cereal with milk and on Sundays Nathan cooks eggs while I get every one ready. We have cold cereal and milk and eggs, and sliced bread, it is just a little more expensive than at home. Nathan found a store that sells the best homemade bread but we keep going too late and they are sold out. The one loaf we got a hold of was soooo good. I'm going to have to send Nathan right when the lady delivers it there.

Nathan is working hard to get everything in place for the car business. He has rented a lot here in Rio Dulce for a great price We do not have a car dealership here yet so it will be a great place. He is going to set up a car wash there also and a little tienda to sell microwave pizza and sodas and snacks. Stormy has shipped us a few more cars so we are ready to get selling! Betty sent us some goodies in the last car so lets all pray they make it to us! Xela is excited to make some baked goods to sell at the tienda so if anyone has any good recipes to share that would be great!



  1. Mel, that's an amazing pic of the ducks. I couldn't guess what they were. You'll be working for National geographic before we know it. The "Goodie Car" will be shipped next Monday and should be to you around Friday. Everyone say a prayer for the "Goodie Car"!!:-)

  2. Yeah Mel, you have pictures on the walls! Is it feeling like home?

  3. Wow thanks for the pictures. When did your kids grow up? I missed it. HA You all look great and I am glad you are all happy. When I moved to the Eastern shore I was amazed at all the wild life. I love the nature more than the concrete.
    Thanks again mel for all the work you put in this blog to make us feel close to you all.
    Ok everyone lets have a moment of silence for the Goodie car. OMMMMMMMMMMMM
    love ya

  4. oh i sure hope those tadpoles don't turn out to be poison frogs. Betty do you still not like frogs or are you now a friend to frogs?

  5. No frog is a friend of mine unless I can dip it ranch dressing:-)!!