Thursday, July 30, 2009

Everything happens for a reason!

Ok - so I have to say that I don't believe in coincidences. I feel that everything happens for a reason.

First of all I just renewed a relationship with an old high school friend on facebook. I commented on her status and mentioned something about Guatemala. Later that night a friend of hers contacted me. She had just booked a flight to Guatemala the day before. Her father is a sponsor for a foundation here in Guatemala. It is started and run by members of our church. . He and his wife are coming to Guatemala and bringing two of their children and their spouses to check on the foundation and tour some of the great places to see here in Guatemala.

Second of all, today we decided to go to lunch with Nate at a new Mexican restaurant here in town. We've been really wanting to try it. Anyway we decided to wait 10 extra minutes so I could hang out the laundry once it was done washing. It's a good thing we did. We rescued a man who was drowning in the middle of the river. For some reason he decided to try to swim the 200 yards from one side to the other and got caught in the current and was not going to make it. We pulled him up on the boat and took him to the other side.

Crazy right? Neither was a coincidence.

We went to the mexican restaurant and it was ooooooh, so delicious! Every one of us cleaned our plates. There was not a smidge of food left. That's a miracle with 4 kids. They gave us a super yummy piece of flan. It was more like cheesecake and one of the best desserts I've ever eaten. Betty's beat it for sure but it was close.

It was raining but not too bad when we left. We should have known it would be pouring in a few minutes. It was reallly, really hot this morning which usually means an earlier rainstorm. We got about a third of the way across and it downpoured. We have shelter on our launcha but that doesn't help much in this situation. It was raining so hard that it hurt your face and it was hard to keep your eyes open. The current picked up and you couldn't see far in front of the boat. It was freaky! Ammon was our hero sitting on the bow of the boat watching out for boats (and now we have added people to his watch:))) Xela prayed and the rain quieted a little so that we could find the house. Needless to say we were soaked every inch through when we got home. Good thing I forgot to bring my camera! We finally felt chilled enough to break out our chocao hot chocolate we bought when we were in Antigua and brew it up. The kids have been asking for me to make it but it is so hot here I always put it off. UMMMM! It was so delicious!

I finally finished off the bananas today. I dehydrated a ton and froze a bunch and have some in the fridge to ripen and make into banana bread. Yumm! Problem is I think I may be allergic to them. I may have over done them with my smoothies and now my body is responding against them. I'm not sure, but today I broke out with a rash after handling them and I have had a bad sinus headache since Sunday. I hope I am wrong. I've never heard of anyone being allergic to bannanas before.

Robin! I totally agree! Let's exterminate all bug like critters anywhere near our home! I am so happy to see your comments. They always put a smile on my face.

Hannah, It sounds like you are having a great summer! I am so glad Dallin learned how to swim. That is such a relief I know! Afton will be right there soon and next summer Henry will be swimming also. Give Grandma a big hug for me. We tried to call her on her birthday and left a message but we didn't get to talk to her. Have fun at family reunion. We are so bummed to miss it this year. It is a highlight of our summer every year. We love to see everyone and catch up with all the cousins. I'm sure it won't be the same without us :))))!!!


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  1. Hey new friend~I sent you a message on FB. We have a question on lodging. I am heading to ID tonight. I can check FB on my phone-so send me a message when you can.

    Very excited to see your corner of this beautiful world!