Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Thank you so much everyone for the sweet birthday messages to Xela. She had so much fun reading them and they made me cry because I miss you all so much. We are so blessed to have such wonderful friends and family.

I took some pictures of Brigham, Xela and Gabby playing in the rain. They get so excited when they see it raining. They run and grab their umbrellas and head out. Nathan still goes out every night to watch the rain. It is so amazing. It rains so hard and the thunder and lightning is so loud. I have never seen anything like it and it happens night after night. During the day we have light rains but plenty of sunshine. It as at night that the downpours come.

I also included pics from the girls combined B-day party. We had a great time. Gabby got play-doh stuff - her favorite, puzzles, and a Barney matching game. Xela got tons of art supplies, a movie and some shoes. I made the cake but it was so hot that day that it melted. UMMM - I think someone was supposed to give me cake decorating lessons as part of a b-day present!!!! I could have really used them!

One day Gabby said "Mom take my picture." and started striking poses on the countertop no less! It was so cute I couldn't help but give in and include the photos. She has started to sing all the time with a pretend microphone and immitate Hannah Montana. It has started early. She dances and strikes poses. She reminds me of Courtney at this age.

We went again on Saturday to the Hotspring Waterfalls and Lake Izabal. We took Temio's kids. They are having a hard time right now because their Mom deserted them again for like the third time. Temio is so sad and the kids are so young. It breaks my heart, so please include them in your prayers. They are such good kids and Temio is such a good guy! I didn't take pics at the waterfalls because we already posted some in April. The day at the Lake was a little cloudy this time and the water wasn't as clear because it was a little rough. The waterfalls are so cool. The falls are hotwater and the stream is cold. We climbed to the top of the falls and followed the stream to a pool of hot water. It was surrounded by jungle and felt like heaven.

Nathan and I have been thinking lately about the fact that we have seen no public libraries in Guatemala everywhere. When we visited Monkey last week he mentioned that he believes the reason Guatemala is in such poverty is because they don't read. I believe this is true also. If you are never exposed to the greats how can you find your own greatness and expand your thought process. All they get is Hollywood's version of the world through TV and then think they have to go there to be happy. They don't realize that here in Guatemala they can become great and make an impact in the lives of their friends and families here. Guatemala is a beautiful wonderful country with so much potential. Anyway a book I read recently also discussed this fact and I posted it in my classics book club online. Someone in my bookclub actually helps people start libraries in 3rd world countries and offered to help us. He gave me tips on how to find a location and then his ministry helps you build the building. I am sure the books will have to be donated also but they would need to be Spanish. We would need to figure out a way to get people here to donate unused books but I think once they get a book they treasure it. It is a luxury to own one. Anyway we are just starting to think on how it would work out. I feel that too many things happened at just the right time. It is definately something we are supposed to do. Any thoughts on this are welcome.

The boys earned a day with Dad by doing good in school so they are gone with him today. We are going to have a girl day. Movie and brownies (thanks Grandma). We have to break out a Jane Austen Classic movie!

Until next time!



  1. Hey guys,

    I love the pictures!!! The kids are changing so much! We've been missing you guys tons. The summer is passing by so fast. Aaron is having a fun summer. He reminds me of Nathan so much. He plays basketball everyday. He loves basketball, soccer, baseball, hockey, etc. Also, he is always getting the other kids to get him stuff and do his good ideas. Love ya Nathan!!! Grace is zipping through the house now. I think she'll walk a lot sooner than Aaron did. She is such a great baby and has a very sweet spirit. I love having a girl! She makes all those girlie sounds and rocks back and forth to music. She is defiantly the princess of the house. We miss you guys! Its time for a visit! I wish we could visit, maybe next summer.
    love you Nathan
    Love you Mel
    love you Ammon
    Love you Xela
    love you Brigham
    Love you Gabby
    Love w/ lots of XOXOXOXOXO Tia/Kim/Kimbo

  2. ok- trying again- I posted earlier but it didn't show up!

    Gabs is changing so much! She looks so big and her hair has gotten so long! She is a cutie. And how is it possible that Xela looks so bigger now too? Its amazing. We miss you all so much. Summer is hard since that is when we were able to do a lot with you! Wish we could come visit you too- Maybe Kim, Denise and I will come next year and leave the guys at home-what do you all think? It would be so fun.

    Starting a library sounds awesome! I'm sure you will do it too and it will be successful. Maybe start with church members and see if they have any used books they can donate to it.

    Brady turned one last week too! Can't believe a year has gone by. I updated our blog so if you get a chance check out his pics.- He is crying now so have to run. I hope this posts!

    Miss you guys tons!

  3. The pics are great. All the kids look like they are growing so fast. Oh buy the way..my garage was supposed to be cleaned as part of MY BD. I thought I would let you off the hook but no way. You better get over here and get to work:-)

  4. Hey Xela and Gabby girl happy birthday! Xela we can tell by your pics that you are growing up! We hope you remember us when we see you in Guatemala! We love you! Leslie and Kristen

  5. great pictures Mel? Thanks for sharing.
    send some rain our way would ya.
    So Easton MD where we live it is very artsy, and this week is called Plein Air, and artist are on the streets painting. what a sight. just thoght i would tell you something about where we live
    love you guys
    aundt jo

  6. OK this is my 2nd try on a comment! When are we going to learn to sign in first!!!

    Kim - I Love hearing about the kids. You should totally have a blog.

    Sonia - the visit would rock! Nathan would hate it though. He would have to be our Spanish Speaking Guide and take us everywhere - unless I learn to speak better and drive with these crazies!! Nathan would be totally outnumbered!!!

    Preston - Gabby could never forget you guys even if she can't say your name right. She still talks about you. When I was reading the comments to her she smiled so big.

    Jo - I would love to see the Plein Air! How fun! Xela would be in heaven. Please keep telling me about what's up with you. I love to hear it.

    Love ya,