Monday, July 13, 2009

Xelas Question

Happy Birthday to mmmmeeeeee, I'm 100 & Threeeee, I smell like a Monkeeeeyyyyy, Okay I better stop. Wow the last two week's were busy. Sorry everyone. Our Computer has been down. Monkey's family is great they laughed when dad said, "See you next week." when we were leaving, because we keep coming back every weekend. Even though it's probly true. JK. Little Thunder is so funny he love's to fight. I think he gave me a couple bruises. "haha" JK

What is your favorite thing we have done so far?



  1. Ok I must be the worse Grandma. Maybe it's the age or all the grandkids but I would have bet big money today is Xela's BD.Mel even has it on my calendar the 14th. So sorry !!Double digit birthday! Best memory....too many but the 2 weeks you guys stayed with us was so much fun. I love you Xela,Grandma

  2. Gosh, Xela!!!!!
    You really want me to answer that question?????? That is so hard for me to answer! You know we did everything together!
    Ummmmmmmm.... I loved the feeling when we finished a song! I also liked all the make overs.... Oh and when we would pick our identity and ride on our bikes around the drive way! I would ALWAYS be a rockstar and I think a day care center! SOOOOOOOOO fun!
    write back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    love ya!

  3. Hey Courtney,
    I miss you so much!!! Nothing really is going on around here right now, Well today I'm going to work with my dad. So what have you been doing? I miss you so much.

    Write back


    P.S. let's chat on facebook again

  4. Oh thats so cool that your going to work with your dad!!!! I miss you too much that my heart hurts... as ELIZA would say!
    What time do you and your mom usually go on????? I go on everyday whenever I can so if I ever see you on- lets chat!!!!!!
    love courtney