Monday, July 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Xela!!

Happy Birthday Baby Girl. This is a post dedicated to you for your 10th birthday. You are so awesome. I love you so much. Like always said you are the perfect daughter. Whenever I pictured what my little girl would be like I pictured her to be just like you.

Everyone please put your favorite memory of Xela.

Love ya Xe Xe!



  1. Happy Birthday Xela! I love you so much! I'm glad that it is your birthday. Now I get cake.

    Love Ammon

  2. I love you so much. Have a happy birthday! I hope you have a good breakfast.

    Love Brigham

  3. Xela,

    I have lots of great memories of you, but most of all I have always been amazed at how smart you are. You were totally potty trained by your 2nd birthday and new your alphabet. You learned to read at 3 and have always drawn beautifully. You are such a special girl with so much to offer to the world. I love you!


  4. Xela,

    You are one of the most amazing people I know period. I love you so much and am so excited to watch you continue to grow up and reach your full potential. Your my girl.


  5. Xela, In 2004 when my Mom passed away you attended the get together after the funeral. You were so polite and grown up. Each time someone would ask your name you would reply "I am Xela Thomas." So grown up for a five year old! A wonderful young lady then and now!! I agree with Ammon - it's time for cake!!! I hope you enjoyed your special day.

    Thanks for the pictures of the monkeys and the turtles!! I love them both! I love turtles because I think it is so neat that they can carry their own house around with them and monkeys because they are always having a good time!

    Love and belated Happy Birthday Xela Thomas!, Cousin Robin

  6. happy birthday xela!!!!!
    you are the greatset friend in the world for ANYBODY to have and that what I love about you!
    you are so caring a nd sweet and funny and always are so active and we both like the same things! I don't think I have had a stronger friendship with anybody than you! You have a GREAT voice and GREAT moves and this is the day to celebrate everything about you!
    THanks for being the greatset friend I will ever have and PLEASE have a great birthday to celebrate it cause you deserve it!!!!!!
    Have an awesome birthday with awesome family [wink wink! already got that don't you????]
    And now go enjoy that cake!!!!!!!
    TO the bestest friend ever
    p.s. You are awesome in church too!!!!!!
    write back

  7. Xela,

    I have way too many favorite memories!!! I guess top of my list would be all the foot massages. I started training you when you were 2yrs old. The last few years you've gotten smart and make me massage your feet first. How about the time I did your hair in a million little mini-buns and you then won't have your hair done for years. You are just so wonderful. Your laugh is contagious along with your smile. You are just so beautiful inside and out. I just can't believe you're a 10ager. But in so many ways you seem ages older. I miss watching chick flicks with you and have dance competitions. I hope you had a wonderful birthday. Love ya girl, your Tia

  8. Hello lovely little lady! And HHHHAAAAAAPPPYYY BIIIRRRRRTTTHHHDAAAAAY!!!!!! I think you are a special girl and I'm so excited to watch you grow into a lady. You have a wonderful life ahead of you, thanks for letting me be part of it.
    Aunt Hannah Banana

    Dear Xela, I love you and I was always here for you. If we were there, I'd like to come to your birthday and give you a present.

    To Xela, I've been missing you and I was hoping we could come there someday. I'm always there for you.

    I want to say bye too!

  9. Xela, I love you very much. Grand maw and I are always amazed at all the talents you have. You are beautiful inside and out. Happy birthday!!! We miss you and love you. Grand paw Thomas

  10. Hey Xela-
    Your mama might get mad at me when I post my favorite memory of you- but you were Sam's first kiss! (hee-hee- you guys were like one or younger so doesn't really count!) but I remember how cute you were as a baby! You had the curliest dark hair and cutest cheeks. I knew you and Courtney would hit it off once you got a little older. It has been fun seeing you grow up into a young lady! So glad you and Courtney are still best buds even after us moving to CT and then you moving out of the country! that is a special bond.
    I hope you had a GREAT day!

  11. Xela,
    I hope you had a wonderful birthday! I have so many awesome memories of you and your family. The first time I met you I thought you were the most beautiful little girls I ever met! Then I got to know you and realized that not only are you beautiful but you are so talented and creative. I love how your little mind works! You make me want to have a little girl!

    love ya,

  12. Xela,

    I want you to know that I have not ever had a spunkier or cooler niece! You make me laugh often and I just smile when I think of you. It is a great quality to have, the ability to be such a happy person that others smile when they think of you. I wish that for you throughout your life, that you will never lose the quality you have of loving life and being happy. I love you very much and I hope your birthday was the very best. Stay close to your Heavenly Father and know that I am sure he loves you and is proud of you, just as your family is. Happy 10 th Birthday!!!! Love, Aunt Kelley

    Xela I am sorry it took so long for me to write to you, I will try not to let it happen again. Wow 10 years, how could it been so long since you were given to us. You bring joy to us all.
    love you more than cream
    aunt jo
    "july birthday gils rock"

  14. Tia Robbin
    thank you 8-)

    Tia Kimbo
    well I woldn't say those are my favorite memories, Well tose two years could be hehe, Just kidding.

    Thomas family #2
    Thank you all. I have a letter coming to you

    [Wink wink Ditto]IMY(I miss you)

    Grandpa & Grandma
    Thank you so much. I have lot's of good memories of you guy's, From camping to coming jest to eat dinner, I miss you lot's

    Sis Cummings
    Thank you
    I rember that too, Only because we have pic's, shame on me I don't rember my first kiss.

    Sis Lucker
    Thank you so much8-)

    Tia Kelley
    Thank you! I sent you an E-mail.

    Tia Joanne
    thank you :-) 8-)


    P.S. I miss you all so much
    P.S.S Tia is spanish for Aunt