Saturday, August 1, 2009

Rainy Season is offiicially here!

Wow!!! Carumba! We are experiencing something I can't even describe in words. I tried to take pictures but it just doesn't do it justice. It is raining so hard and has rained like this non-stop for a few days and all night. It is so nice to sleep to the rain. The thunder and lightning are amazing, a little scary because it sounds so close, but amazing at the same time. It does present 3 problems however:

1. WE ARE TRAPPED! It is way too dangerous to go out in the boat in this rain. As you can see from the picture of our deck we can't see very far in front of it. Normally we can see the other side of the river clearly. Also, we have a shelter on our boat but it does no good if the rain is coming down this hard. If it doesn't stop we will not be able to go to church tomorow.

2. It makes our house seem wayyyyy too small, because instead of being outside exploring, swimming in the river and playing soccer my kids are instead trapped in the house. The 6 of us crammed in the living room slash dining room, is a little close for comfort.

3. I am currently hanging my clothes to dry and this is a problem because the sun is not coming out to dry them. I did have nate hang a clothesline on the upper deck and I hang clothes on the hammocks but the kids have turned the hammocks into their playground so that doesn't end up so good.

With that said - I still love my Guatemala! (If this last much longer, you may have to ask me again!):))))

Shauna, don't worry it won't be raining like this next week when you come! We will have a week of perfect sunshiny days!



  1. Wow,a little rain is nice but got too much rain. We're having typical July weather. "scattered thunderstorms" Beautiful weather in the mornings,cloudy in the afernoon and maybe a short storm. Do you shop daily or are you able to store groceries? We just now got home from family reunion. I'll email you a run down. Luv ya, Momma

  2. Crazy rainy season. How long will this kind of rain last? I guess that's why Guatemala is so beautiful because of the rain and vegetation. We love you guys! And we missed you this weekend. Love, Tia

  3. Qusetions???

    Ammon, what is your favorite place you've been?

    Xela, what has been your favorite food you've tried?

    Brigham, what is your favorite animal you've seen?

    Gabby, what is your favorite flower you've seen?

    We love you guys! We love the pictures, everyone has grown so much!

    Ammon, how tall are you now?
    Xela, how tall are you now?
    Brigham, how tall are you now?
    Gabby, how tall are you now?

    If you are trapped I would suggest you guys to have as much structure as possible. Ex.
    7-8= Breakfast
    8-9= stretch/exercise time
    9-10=reading time
    10-11=free play
    etc, etc, etc. This would be the only way I would stay sane.

    Here is some rain games-
    everyone get a cup and who ever fills up first wins.(This game might only last 5 minutes)
    EPA website
    Indoor Rain Games

    I'm sure you've tried most of these. Love you guys, Tia