Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Xocomil, Xetulul

First of all I have to thank my new friend Shauna for bringing me some treats from the states! Between Betty and Shauna we have been really blessed. Thank you Shauna for the stuff for the orphanage and for our favorite brownie mix and my raw almonds. I am soo happy.

Check out Nathan's curry crabcakes. They only lasted a few minutes. I didn't try them but they were definately beautiful.

One day I was washing dishes and Brigham ran in the house and said "Mom! You have to come see this gigantic bug I just caught!" He held his hands 2 feet apart to show me the size. I said "Brigham, I don't really want to see a bug that big." (Bad homeschool mom! I know!) He looked at me with big excited eyes and said "But mom! It's so beautiful!" I couldn't resist that, so I went out and took pictures of his big beautiful bug. As you can see it wasn't exactly 2 feet long, but it was definately beautiful. When it flew away it had huge wings like a butterfly. We found out it is called an Esperanza, which means hope. Which is fitting because this post includes information about a foundation we have been looking into called "Cause for Hope".

We had to go to Guatemala City again last Thursday to sell one of Nathan's trucks. We were just going to stay one night with Monkey and his family, but it ended up turning into a weekend fun.

Since we were over halfway to Mazatenango we decided to head over and meet Leonell Bonilla, who works for Cause for Hope. Our new friend Shauna had come to Guatemala the week prior with her father, mother, husband , sister and brother in law to visit the foundation. I think her father either started or is a big part of the foundation. She was so nice and brought us some gifts and craft stuff for the orphanage. She left it for us at Cause for Hope, since as we all know there isn't a trusted shipping service to us at this time.

Monkey's family decided they wanted to come with us also. We left Friday around noon to head to Mazate. We met Leonell at Burger King. Ate lunch real quick and then went to the foundation. We met with Leonell and his boss (I don't remember his name. Bad me.) The foundation gives the people micro loans to start businesses, and then educates them on running a business. They also teach English and Computer Skills and help prospective missionaries financially prepare for missions and help fund their medical preparations and clothing for the mission. Many of the members can't even afford the clothing to be a missionary let alone the expense. We are hoping to be able to help with this somehow.

We then went to a delicious restaurant in Reu. I am so sorry that I don't know the name. It was a very nice place where you order platters of shrimp that come with ceviche and seafood soup for everyone. We also ordered a couple plates of delicious steaks and potatoes for those of us who don't like shrimp. Then we went searching for a nice hotel. We found a place we really like called La Jardin (the garden). It was beautifully landscaped and had condo style habitations with two bedrooms kitchen ect. We piled the two families into one..... hmmmm..... I didn't know how it would work out either but they brought us an extra bed to put in one room and the other had 2 bunks so we all fit. They had a pool, and ping pong. We had a lot of fun hanging out playing that night.

The next day we headed over to the water park Xocomil. It was super packed but so fun. We really had a great time. We will have to go back when it's not so busy so we can ride all the rides. It was a Saturday and a Holiday. We'll go back during the week sometime. Nathan and I have both been before during the week on past visits and it wasn't busy at all. I think Nathan took Kim when they came also.

We left the water park at about 3 and headed over to the amusement park next door called Xetulul. This was so fun. You can get a family season pass for both parks for Q500, which is a little over $50. Crazy right? The amusement park you have to buy tickets for the rides though in addition to the entrance fee, so it wasn't busy at all. The tickets are cheap so it wasn't a big deal, but I guess it's expensive enough to keep the crowds away. The rollercoaster had no wait at all. Pretty much only men rode it. It was so much fun and the landscaping was breathtaking. You all have to come visit so we can take you here.

Nathan and the kids are eating crabs and watching the Redskins right now. Not much has changed. LOL!

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  1. I'm almost happy:-) Ammon had a teeny,tiny smile. Tell him his Grandma really needs a smile:-) Boy,you have had a full summer. Tell Xela I wrote a comment on her question area. We're all...fine. I'm still in a coma:-) Things to still seem to be ...interesting. Anyway it's so wonderful to see the pics. Christy prints all of them for Grandma Beanie. She has them in a notebook. We cooked steak on the grill and steamed shrimp tonight. I sliced yellow and zucchni squash, used a litle olive oil and italian seasoning and grilled them. They were so yummy. We took a walk on the beach. Kim should be here in about an hour. Love,Momma

  2. Hey you guys,
    sorry I haven't written in a while. same ole same ole here. Hot and Humid but it's august.
    I Love seeing the pics, the kids look like their growing.
    love you guys
    aunt Jo

  3. Okay Mel - By now I would have been packed and headed back to the States. Those bugs are as big as shoes!! I do not care what cutesy little names they have they are still creepy!! I am SOOO glad the kids are enjoying them and I am SOOOO glad you are such a good Mom that you go, look and do not scream!!! I am much better at the water parks, gardens and an occasional ping pong ball!!!

    While we miss you very much, it looks and sounds as though you all are having a tremendous cultural and educational experience. The kids will never forget these times. So many kids will never experience what it is like to live somewhere so very different than their "home." (Creepy bugs excluded!!)

    Samantha turned 12 last week. She is about 5'6". I think she is going to be tall like her Aunt Robin!! Cousin Karen had hip surgery so Sam has been acting as a nurse and house keeper. Cousin Karen went back to work Monday and Sam cleaned the entire house. I think she should come to my house while I am at work!

    Take care and enjoy your adventures. If one of those creepy bugs knocks on the door don't let the kids answer!!

    Love you bunches!
    Cousin Robin

  4. Hey Mel - I have THREE comments. I've been gone a while, so I have to catch up:

    First: so glad you are doing this (the blog, I mean). I love 'following' you on this adventure and I'm so happy you are growing and learning and your family is loving this. So great, just great.

    Second: Love all the pictures, but, I have one gripe - where are you????? Yeah, yeah, behind the camera. Well, babe, I want to see your beautiful face, so give that blasted thing to Nathan and show me your smile!!!

    Third: I am in charge of the service group in our Relief Society. I read that you got some stuff for an orphange. Can I host a project or a drive or seomthing and send you stuff they need? I might could take on a stake-size project, but, a ward-sized project is a definate. Is there something we folks in Arkansas can do?

    Miss you! Love, Tina & the Ball Team

  5. Hey guys,

    What an adventure you guys are having!!! Loved all the pictures! We are crazy busy here.
    Aaron will be in first grade starting next week. I'm happy/sad about that. We put him back in Gymnastics, he does cartwheels all the time. He is a funny kid though. Grace is getting so big. She claps and says dada, mama(only when she's sad), byebye(kind of), nighnigh, and no. She is very silly and sassy. She's a great baby and brings such joy to all of us. We love you guys! So, what are your kids doing new? love, Kimbo