Friday, June 5, 2009


You know what this is for same as all my other Posts


  1. Courtney,

    that is so grate you made that Danceing thing
    my B.F.F is ganna be Famous haha,

  2. "I LOST A TOOTH" I gest wanted to say that and, We got a pet turtle that the Guard found and, four fish.


  3. dear XELA,
    Thats great that you lost a tooth! Which number was it? I only have one more to loose!! I think... Anyway-what kind of turtle did you get?? OH! And fish? I love turtles- how big is it? And I sent your mom an email saying to give it to you a while back- did you get it??
    Also, don't forget were going to be famous together!!!
    Heres a song I have been working on.

    *in whispers* tic toc tic toc tic tic tic tic-tic toc X2
    RUNNING out of time, gotta go some place, I feel so lost, like I lost the race, but I know... I gotta go
    tic toc tic toc
    Feet moving forward, no where to stop,
    sometimes I wonder is this too much?
    But I know.... I gotta go!

    Everything around me seems, to be wanting me-e, to do everything... but where should I goooo?

    CHOURUS: One day up, the next day down, my world is spinning round and round I knooowww
    My family needs me, my hearts still there, I know I gotta be some where I knnnoooww
    Everything around me seems, to be pleading please and please! I knnnooow
    where should I go?
    Thats all I got so far,
    love courtney

  4. Hey XELA!
    I am starting my own card business I know it sounds so weird! But anyway, I will design cards and secretly give it to someone with out them noticing till I am gone and not leave my name on it. Then they'll be like who gave me this nice card?? And I will be like smiling behind them and maybe they'll feel good. Not sure exactly how I will sneak it up to them though... or who I will give it to... do you have any idea?

    P.S. I am excited to get your email
    P.S.S. Did you get mine?
    P.S.S.S. AMMON-Sam read your comment and is thinking about what to say. But I think right now he wants to tell you he got a blue ds for his bday 2 days ago.

  5. Xela,
    I just wanted to say how proud of all you kids and we miss you guys so much. I hope you guys plan on coming home for Christmas. I know it's a long way off but I sure would like to think you all will be there.
    Oh remember the chicken? He wants to know if you have any there?
    love you guys
    Aunt jo

  6. Xela! Its so fun to here from you. Tell your brothers that we want to hear from them also! I'm so happy you're having fun!
    Aaron- is finishing kindergarten and is playing soccer.
    Grace- is sitting up, eating all kinds of babyfood, and makes alien noises all the time. She has her two bottom teeth. They are so cute. So, you're losing teeth and she's getting them.
    Miss ya tons and tons. Love Tia
    P.S. My feet haven't been the same since you've left:(

  7. Courtney,

    it is #9 . Uuuummmmm!!!! it's a baby turtle??? it's name is Peacock Because the spot's on it's back look like Peacock Fether's anyway, it is very very small.
    Don't worry I didn't forget and, I love the song. the card thing sound's grate.

    Aunt Jo,

    Thank's . My Dad said that we should have Brought the Chicken with us heha,


    Tell Aaron that I miss him and hope he dose good in soccer and, Tell Gracie I am so proud of her and, that she is so big when we come to visit she better have all those little tother's

    I miss you all sooooo much


  8. It was fun chatting with you today on facebook!
    love, courtney

  9. Hey ROCKSTAR,

    I had fun to:) we are about to leav to get some breakfast then maby go to the ziplining place.



  10. Xela,
    Make sure to tell me how it was on this or using your mom's facebook!!!

  11. Courtney,

    the time she let me on to talk to you was the only time I went on facebook but I have watched her and, I think it's really cool:) she might let me join.

    did I tell you we got Sadalight TV and, I can watch Disney and, The company that we use some of the chanal's you can get in English and, Disney is one of them cool right


  12. XELA,
    That is SO cool that you have satalite now!! I would be glad! Disney is still my favorite show although I really dont like the jonas bro. stil! LOL. I have anohter swim meet today and then tomorrow through sat. I am camping! WIsh me the girly girl good luck! Sam and Eliza are at day camp right now so its so quiet and its so weird!!!! I hope you can get a facebook-it took a while for me to get one too, I had to beg. LOL. anyway hope to hear from you soon, love ya!
    courtney cummings/music queens best friend ever still!

  13. RS
    I wish you luck in the meet's and, that girly luck for camping I havn't been camping in a tent since I was like one year's old I would love to go camping maby we can do it soon I miss you tons

    P.S. RS is short for RockStar
    P.S.S. MQ is short for MusicQueen

  14. HEY MQ
    I want you to know that I love you like your part of my family!!!!! Also that I am going to nags head for a week this sat. till next sat! yeah! I wish that you vcould be there with me! check your moms facebook! [fb] love ya like a pig loves slop!courtney