Friday, June 19, 2009

Belize City, Princess Hotel June 16-18

When we got to Belize City it around 7pm and had just got dark. We were so shocked at how unpopulated Belize is. The city was very small and the people had all gone home. It was a little erie driving around looking for a hotel. We went to the Radison and they wanted $160 a room and wanted us to get two rooms. We are a little spoiled by Guatemalan hotels that have 3-4 beds in some of their rooms to accomodate big families and are usually between 20-30 dollars. Of course they are nothing compared to the Radison but we just aren't used to paying that kind of money, so we kept looking. We found the Princess Hotel and Casino (No we didn't hit the Casino:)!
They also have a movie theater (nothing kid appropriate) and an arcade with bowling alley and a pool (it was too cold for us to swim though! We are used to 100 plus and sunny and it was 80 cloudy and breezy! Gabby got in the baby pool for about 5 minutes and froze!)The hotel was nice and reasonably priced but the service in the hotel was horrible and the food was not that good so if you ever plan to stay there you may want to eat out of the hotel. The view was beautiful though.

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