Friday, June 19, 2009

Pook's Hill and our Hotel in San Ignacio, Belize

We planned to head back toward the border on the 18th and hopefully do some cave tubing on the way - google this on line it looks sooo fun! Unfortunately it had rained 6 inches the night before so the river activities were closed. This is probably why tourism is down in Belize during the rainy season. I didn't see the sun the whole trip! The country is beautiful though so it radiates a little of it's own sunshine for the soul.

On the way out of Belize City we had 3 great finds! 1. Someone was cooking Belizian Rice and Beans with Chicken and coleslaw on the side of the road! We should have bought more than one portion because it was delicious! Especially with my cold coconut Nathan bought me. 2. A health food store! I was so happy because my colloidial silver had been loaned out and never returned when little Eddy had chicken pox in his eye! Poor thing. I needed to replace that and purchase some other things I had run out of. 3. In our search for Cave Tubing about half way to San Ignacio we found the coolest place out in the jungle! It is a cabanna resort named Pook's hill. They wanted $168 for the night which was out of our budget but the cabanna's do look 5 star on the inside and it has it's own onsite ruins. You can see them with Ammon inside the steam bath. I think they said these are the only ruins found with a steam bath. The owner Ray has a magical place out in the jungle. His son was raised there and over the years collected quite a bug collection! I have never seen anything like that display of bugs! The manager Katy was adorable. She is American but was born and raised in Antigua and Belize then moved to the states for HS and college but returned to Belize because she loves it so much. I definately recommend this place if you enjoy nature. They have some great walking trails through the jungle.

The rest of the pictures are of the resort we stayed at in San Ignacio. I forgot to take a picture of our room. It was really cute. Decorated typica with two bedrooms an living room and a kitchen. The food here is delicious and was actually reasonably priced. We swam for a little while but froze to death and didn't last long. I need sunshine to swim in cool water! Too bad the hot tub was broke.

While we were eating dinner Ray from Pook's hill showed up and ate near us with a bunch of his archealolgy buddies. The stories we heard were hillarious! You wouldn't beleive what these poor people go through to preserve history for us!!

We are not home yet! We are in a small town somewhere in Guatemala having the same car problems as before. We are staying in one of our cheap little Guatemalan hotels with three beds. Yeah! Nathan is out getting us pizza and snacks but will be home soon to put his comments on our trip.

Don't worry we will get home fine with the car. We just didn't make it before dark and didn't want to drive with probs in the dark....



  1. Mel,
    You are so getting the hang of this posting. Your pictures are beautiful. You kids are so photogenic.
    I am so glad all went well in Belize. and you are all are getting used to living in the Tropics. It's been Tropical here also. We have had so much rain this spring. but beautiful weekends. So everything is very lush.
    Did i say I was glad you guys are almost home? I missed the posts
    love yasssssss
    aunt jo

  2. I like almost pics of you:-) Tell Nathan to smile...he's supposed to be having fun.Glad everything went well. Tell Nathan happy father's day tomorrow.

  3. Hey Everyone,

    We miss you guys of course. Mel, give us an update on your spanish? Dreaming in spanish yet. I can see spanish grammar and spanish wording in your posts. I love it. Let it happen. It is so fun to absorb the language and culture.

    Your trips are awesome. I have all these movie types images going threw my head as you describe your adventures. How FUN!! Keep it up.