Saturday, June 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Nathan!

Today is Nathan's birthday!

To make this a memorable day I thought it would be fun to have everyone post something special for him that he can look back on. I will also print it and keep it in a book for him.

Please put your favorite memory of Nathan or a funny story or anything to make his day memorable.



June 14th

Thanks for those who have posted! Those who haven't yet feel free to still do so.

Nathan was actually sick for his birthday, so he spent the day in bed! Now you have to know he was pretty sick to do that. Miraculously he is better today! We pumped him full of fluids and herbs and prayers... We did go out for breakfast at Mario's marina. Nathan wanted a typica breakfast and I am not proficient at making tortilla's yet! (Not even close!) It's kind of become a Saturday morning tradition to go there. They have a yard sale for the boaters docked there and some of the local entreprenuers set up. They also have a little video rental shop that you can rent 3 videos at a time for $5 a month so we trade in the videos every week from the week before. They have quite a selection because the boaters can pay their membership in videos. All the marinas around also have a book exchange program where the boaters leave a book and take a book. So I took advantage of that this week and found a great little book containing 3 books about wedding stories. Really fluff reading but fun.

The Castillo Family is in town and it was Angie's birthday a few days before. Xela had a bladdar infection and high fever so she wasn't able to play much. We decided to make her a brownie cake to cheer Angie up.

Even though we weren't able to party for Nathan's b-day, we will celebrate when we go to Belize this week. So don't be too sad for him!

Next weekend we will post pics from the trip!

I wrote Nate a poem for his birthday since I wasn't able to go shopping with out him. Next year I will make it up to him and get him something really good. You know I'll be rockin the Spanish by then!



  1. On June 12th my sister and I went shooping at Newmarket. We rode the bus,common back then. When we got on the bus to come home I was having stomach pains and we made jokes about having to take the bus to the hospital. I was 2 weeks overdue. George and I walked over to Deer Park to watch a baseball game. As I sat on the bleachers the pains got worse. We walked home. He went to bed,I cleaned house. About midnight I had him call my mom to come and get us to go to Riverside Hospital.(we didn't have a car,Grandpa Abe was working at the firehouse). Grandma Beanie's friend Betty Goff came to get us. There was no Lamaze, they put you in a labor room and you waited alone. The doc came in early in the morning and told me it was time. This was Dr. Robert Klink an intern. He now lives in Gloucester. Nathan was born and of course was beautiful!! They took me to my room which was called a "ward" because there was 4 beds. Lots of friends and family came to see us. George and I were thrilled. Uncle Page Chandler drove us home. That's what was happening 37 years ago right now. george and I went to see the Star Trek movie(again) this afternoon. I'll close with a quote from Spock's Mother "Whatever you do son, you will have a proud Mother." Love,Mom

  2. ahhhh a mother's sweet words,
    So i had just finished my junior year of high school I think when you were born nathan. I believe it was my first time around a baby. You were ok to look at, just kidding, you were cute. And everything you did was wonderful. Then you started teething, So George would put you high on his shoulder and walk real fast around the house. Don't know why but you stopped crying. I remember you standing on the front seat of the car,way back then you didn't have to have car seats, and saying "GO,MAMA,GO" really safe Nathan.
    The years pass so quickly, and life is just to short. My advice to you on this your birthday is to Live in the Moment, and Keep the Ones you love Close.
    Happy 37th Birthday Nathan!!!
    love you more than....cake and ice cream,
    Aunt Jo

  3. Where should I begin....
    -he lock me in his room one time and I couldn't leave until I had the Redskins song memorized.
    -Oh, I can't tell that one, or that one....
    -One time he started a club and charged all the kids in the neighborhood $.75. He gave Dana and I discount of only $.50 since we were his siblings. Then he kept the money and didn't start the club.
    -When we went to Guatemala we had an adventure of a life time. We hitched hiked, saw volcanoes, hot springs,and ate all kinds of yummy stuff.
    -when we were kids and he would babysit Dana and I he would push all the couches back and make us play tackle football.

    Happy Birthday Nathan!!!
    Love you and miss you!

  4. Uncle Nathan,

    "Happy Birthday! Thank-you for doing everything for us." love Aaron

  5. This ain't Sonia, this is Eber. Glad I previewed the comment or this next blurb might have gotten you in trouble.

    How about that nice "hotel" we stayed in Charlotte, Nathan? Free breakfast was year-old oatmeal cakes, and we still lined our pockets with them.

    Nathan, you taught me the important things in life, like you can bring outside food into the AMC theater.

    If you get ESPN, Virginia will be playing in the baseball world series tonight. Have a great birthday, you're still just a young pup.

    You're the man Nathan,

  6. Nathan,
    Just a quick Happy Birthday to one of my favorite cousins! I think you are an amazing person with a fabulous family. I can't remember one specific memory...just things like crabbing on the pier at family reunion, treehouse at your house, football games, and you just always being a SUPER guy! I hope you are blessed with many more birthdays and that you make some wonderful memories. We miss you greatly (especially your FABULOUS wife)! Happy Birthday!

  7. Eber....thank-you for the great laugh. My brother will save the world one movie or one breakfast at a time. He's why I'm the way I am(although my dad would claim all the glory). AWESOME!!!

  8. Happy Birthday Nathan!!! (this is from Sonia this time)
    We have so many great memories of your family! From Clue game nights, to eating mexican, going to busch gardens; then you guys made the trip to Connecticut to see us-that was awesome that you did that! So then we move back to be close to you guys again, then you decide to move out of country! We hope to come and see you guys too! (still waiting for plane tickets, once those are received we will be there!)
    HOpe you had a great day!

  9. Happy birthday!!! [this is from COURTNEY]
    You and your family are really cool and yall need to know that!!! You guys are so nice and awesome that any family that meets you HAS to feel welcome and loved. You and Sister Thomas are great parents to your kids and they are lucky to have you. I wish you a good one and if I was there I would be singing happy birthday.
    P.S. You can just ignore my dads comment. Just kidding.

  10. Happy Birthday!!

    Lots of blurry memories about Nathan trying to intice Kim and I to play sports with him. They might be blurry because the mostly ended with me getting ticked off (like the metal bat that I threw at his head that one time).

    Nathan was in high school and was one of the football players. He and his good friend were at the Wellness Center and a couple of girls wanted Chris and Nathan to go to Nagshead with them for the weekend. Nathan's response went something like this, "My mom would like if I did that." He has always been a great example in my life.

  11. I seem to remember a easter egg hunt that had big money in the eggs and a certain someone stealing everyones eggs and putting them in his own basket when no one was looking (even the little kids):)
    No really I love you and I have always felt loved. I appreciate that you listen to me when I want to share something that is important to me (and don't laugh at me too much or think I'm an idiot,much:)
    Hannah Banana

  12. Dear Daddy,
    From Brigham,

    Happy Birthday Dad! I hope you had the bestest birthday in the world.

    I love you. Thank you for always playing games with me and I love going to work with you.

    I'm glad when people say I am just like you. I hope it's true!

    If you buy a jet ski, me and you could always go riding on them - or a boat, cause I am saving to buy a jet ski.


  13. Dear Daddy,
    From Xela,

    Happy Birthday Dad!

    I wouldn't want any other Dad besides you!

    I love when you spend time with me and I love it when you read to me.

    Thank you for helping me so much while I've been sick.

    Let's party in Belize. I can't wait!

    I love you so much!!!!


  14. Dear Daddy,
    From Gabby,

    I wuv you!
    I wuv you!
    Happy bertday!


  15. Dear Daddy,
    From Ammon,

    I love you!

    Hope you had a great birthday!

    Thanks for the opportunity to beat you in Settlers. Sorry I failed!


  16. Dear Nate,
    From Mel,

    This is so horribly embarrassing but I guess I should post the poem I wrote. Hopefully everyone that is going to post has already been on here and won't come back and read the rest of the posts!

    A Man and a Seed
    by Me

    A Man found a seed.
    A beautiful seed.
    He loved the seed.
    So he took her.

    He took her
    and planted her.
    He planted her
    in soil so rich
    and full of love.

    Full of his love!
    Full of God's love!

    He showered her daily
    in rains of service.
    She was placed
    in faith giving Sun.
    And when the storms came
    he sheltered her
    and they weathered them together.

    This seed became a rose.
    A rose who loved a man deeply.
    So deep that they have become one...
    One in God.
    One in Service.
    One in family.
    One in mission.

    Thank you for being my man and helping me become a rose!
    Happy Birthday Man!