Sunday, June 7, 2009

Weekend fun!

We have had a busy weekend. It was fun but busy.

Saturday we went to Puerto Barrios for the fair. It was fun. The pics are of Gabby and Brigham on the ride. Sorry there are so many! They were just so darn cute I couldn't eliminate any. Gabby would have love Busch this year. She is the perfect age for Disney also.

We also watched a few minutes of soccer. It was super hot though so we didn't last long.

We ate McDonald's for lunch. Nathan and I agree that a quarter pounder with cheese tastes better in Guatemala for some reason.

Then we went to the church for youth night and stayed and played kickball, soccer, basketball. The kids are getting really good at soccer. They play a lot with the kids that live near the car lot and then every Saturday night at the church. It is really fun to watch them.

I just got a calling to be in the primary! Is anyone surprised?! I think it will be as a teacher, which will really help expedite my Spanish.

We had a family come to church with us today which was great. They seemed to really enjoy it, then we went to someone's house for lunch and a birthday party for the Primary President. The food was soooo good! It was similiar to a roast with a delicious gravy served with rice mixed with veggies, and avacodo chopped up with lemon. I have to learn how to make it. I was so amazed at how efficiently a meal can be served to so many people and cleaned up in no time flat. We had one table for 8 people and over 20 to serve and everyone had a sit down dinner.

We didn't get home until after 4pm so I am super tired. I just wanted to make sure and put up the pics from the fair before I chill.

The disney shows sound great for Xela but our DVD/VCR got fried in a power surge so now we just have the xbox for movies. We did just get satellite hooked up however so we have Disney now. Thanks for thinking of XeXe. It was so thoughtful and thanks for the hugs.

That is so awesome about Courtney making it into the dance company. She has worked hard for many years to earn it and we are so proud. I am thinking about letting Xela do facebook also but a little nervous. It would be fun for her and Courtney to keep in touch that way though.

If it is ok with you I may have everyone send donations for the orphanage to you?! If not let me know.

Fabric would be fantastic! We are actually learning how to make skirts for homemaking next week. It should be interesting - no patterns and sewing by hand! Anyone want to take a poll on how my skirt will turn out?????



  1. You will do a great job on your skirt! I look forward to seeing the finished project.

    Christina asked me if you ever made a skirt before. Then said, “If Sister Thomas hasn’t made one before she should make one for Gabby first. It won’t take as long.”

    She is working on some hand sewing projects herself right now and has a couple she is wondering why she ever started.

  2. Jessica, Tell Christina I said "You are so smart and gave me great advice!!" I will definately start with Gabby. I am excited to learn. Thanks for the vote of confidence! You rock!


    Thanks for saying that me getting in it is
    I'm watching you! LOL
    P.S. MY music queen is YOU FoReVeR! And don't forget it. Also in swim team... We learned to do flip turns. It scares me to death!!!!
    Also we have a meet next Week. And thanks for inspiring me to join a swim team!!! YOU ROCK LIKE A STAR! [GET IT?]

  4. Mel, it would be fine for the craft stuff to come here. It will be a slow process to get to you as you know and there's the question will they take it when the truck gets there. Last time they only took food.But it's a good idea to try. We were coming out of Busch with Kim,Aaron and Grace Sat. Night and the big full moon was rising over Apollo's Chariot. I told Aaron what I was doing and he did the same:-)

  5. Goody truck #2 has it's box. I didn't get any craft things in it. There's just not alot of room after all the food stuff. The next one I'll get some things together. Everyone start praying for #2 Goody Truck:-)

  6. Mel, everything is so colorful there! All your pictures are vibrant and happy.