Monday, February 22, 2010

Xela´s school pics

Xela has been going to a public school near the restaurant this year. It is a school just for girls and lets out at 1pm. She wanted to go really bad so she could become more fluent in Spanish. They also have a basketball team.

She was so happy because she got elected queen of her class and had to dress like a rodeo princess and give a speech. She didn´t win queen of the school. It was based on who got the most donations from their class. She had fun with the process though. Her spanish has become soooo good. Everyone says she has a good accent also.

We are so excited for her because she was asked to join the stake children´s chior. They are preparing to sing at the temple dedication which will be really special and other stake events.

I love you Shaky!


  1. Xela, you look sooooo .....happy/grown-up/sparkly/beautiful!!! I love the pics. It's hard because we all love to see pics but it makes us miss you even more. Crazy,huh?! I should put you in my suitcase when I had a chance:-) Love you so much. I'm really proud of you. Love,Grandma(Granny)

  2. XELA!!!

    I love your uniform! You look adorable! I'm so excited for you! ENjoy! You are just growing up to be such a beautiful young lady. I love ya girl! Miss ya tons! Tia