Monday, February 22, 2010

Neighborhood Fun!

We have had a really good experience here in Aldea Siguila. We have made some friends and are really enjoying getting to know the neighbors. The two families that live nearest to us are cousins. One is Berta, whose husband has been in the states for the last 16 years and can´t come home because he is their illegally. She has two adult daugters still living at home and a grandaughter I believe who is 5 named Sulma. She loves to play with Gabby. The other family has 3 teenagers and a son that´s 10 but loves to play with Brigham. They are best buddies. His name is Boris. They came one day and helped me build a flower bed and brought cuttings from their garden.

Boris and his brothers built our chicken coop and bunny house. He is the one who gave Brigham the rooster. They have a dog that Gabby has named Max because we can´t pronounce his real name. He takes care of both houses because we feed him our left overs and give him attention. He´s a nice dog. Gabby really likes him.

I am teaching English to the neighbors three days a week. I had to split the class once and may have to again. I am hesitant to do so though because I am so busy. I have between 14 and 20 in my children´s class and 7 in my adult-teenager class. It´s fun though and it is helping me with my spanish.

I have also been asked to teach some of the sisters in the ward piano as sort of an unofficial calling. Not sure how it will work out since my spanish is not quite up to task.

I was so happy yesterday because my visiting teachers came and I actually understood most of the lesson. They made me read in Spanish though which was absolutely horrible. We have been getting home taught every Sunday night which is nice. We feel really loved in this new branch.


  1. I love the pics of....everything!!! Where's Ammon and Mel though? I'm glad you're in the new house and you look like you're really settling in. That is reassuring to a Mom/Grandma's heart:-) (I know, I know everyone says ...)

  2. The pictures are GREAT!!! I love them! Chickens-how fun! I was surprise to see Gabby in a picture with a dog. I'm her fear of dogs is gone. She looks so big and adorable. Brigham looks so big too. I guess that's what happens...duh. Yea,I agree with mama that we need more pictures of Mel and where's Ammon? Love ya guys!