Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Gallo tree lighting.

This morning Nathan and I were looking out our window and saw this cute little cloud sitting in front of our volcano. I think it is called Santa Maria. Our bedroom window frames it perfectly. Then the volcano behind it erupted and I couldn't help but take a picture. I hate the wires in the way but I guess electricity is more valuable than a perfect picture. Right?

We went Saturday after work to the Inauguration of the Gallo (The Mayor Cerveza)(The Better Beer) Tree. It is a huge fake tree with thousands of lights on it. We are starting to feel the holiday mood so we decided to go and see the lights and the fireworks. Sorry Papa no fotos of the Gallo Girls. They were actually dressed appropriately this time. Whew! We were told they wouldn't be there until later before the concert.

Anyway it was fun. We printed a bunch of fliers to hand out and put on cars and barely touched the people. There were thousands there. Nathan said maybe 20,000. It was great until we were trying to leave and the crowd all tried to funnel into one street. I was actually kind of scared for the kids. I've never experienced anything like that before. Nathan said I am just getting old. We did get to have some Pounche though! Yummmy! It's a hot cider drink with chunks of fruit in it. I love it but not as much as arroz con Leche. Which is a drink made with rice, milk, cinnamon and sugar. It is sooooo good. They weren't selling it though. Then Nathan took us to get chinese tacos (egg rolls). The chinese in Guatemala make the best egg rolls.

We met some new friends at church on Sunday and they were telling us that they were going to start their daughter in piano lessons for Q800 a month. This is $100 a month. It is for 2 lessons a week but is very very good money for here. It inspired me to get to work improving my Spanish and piano skills so I can maybe take two students when I am at home on Mondays and Wednesdays. We'll see if it works out. It won't happen for awhile though.

Nathan took the kids to another tree lighting on Sunday. Brigham, Gabby and I stayed home and watched the fireworks from the roof.

Not much else new.

Hope all are doing great!!


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  1. Mel, I haven't commented in a while, but, I love keeping up with your adventures! Think how much of this could be forgotten if you weren't so diligent about recording it! So, you are pretty casual about this volcano thing; I mean, it looks kinda far away, but, still, is it dangerous?