Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Last Swim

Ok!!! I am still alive! I promise! I have finally rejoined the cyber world!! I didn't realize how theraputic it is for me to communicate with all of you on a regular basis. Thank you so much for staying in touch. We haven't had internet since the move to the city (we were trying to decide which company, whether to have it at the restaurant or house or both. Decisions decisions!). Anyway, I have a lot to post so I hope you have alooooot of time. I have 300 pictures on my camera to share but I might die before I have a chance to upload them. I know you are all thinking you want pics of the new living situation and the restaurant but I don't have those yet. I'll try to describe them.

The house is older. It was built before people here had fridges and stoves so the kitchen is teeny tiny. We had to turn the servants bedroom (since we know we aren't getting one of those anytime soon)into a second kitchen to fit the fridge and stove. The living room and dining room are big with a fireplace but we still don't have any furniture for them (besides 2 plastic tables and some plastic chairs). There is also a bathroom downstairs. Upstairs has 4 bedrooms and 2 full bathrooms. We had to turn one of the bedrooms into a closet room because the house was also built before closets and kitchen cabinets were common. I had to use my bookshelves to house the dishes. Our landlord had them build us a huge closet rod across the back of the room to hang clothes with a shelf on top. That being said, I haven't unpacked everything because we don't have anywhere to put it. Our games books toys and some clothes are all still packed. We don't want to purchase any shelving ect. because Victor's house will have closets with shelving and kitchen cabinets. This house is only temporary. We do have huge windows everywhere and our bedroom window frames a beautiful volcano perfectly. Yes! We have to wear socks!! Robin - You are so funny! I think you should still sympathize with me! It gets cold at night so we snuggle down under tons of blankets. I'll post pics soon.

We finally found a location for the pizzeria. It is right next to an arcade. Perfect right? I don't even know how to describe our location to Americans. I will just have to take photos and post them. We are right next to the market which is a very busy area during the day, so it will bring us a lot of business.

Thank you so much for all of the suggestions and prayers!! We appreciate them all so much and will definately be using them. You are all hired so hurry up and get down here! We open in a week! I don't care if you eat it all! I would just love to see you all every day.

Leslie and Preston!!!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!You do not even know how happy I am for you! I want to cry I am so happy. Your kids will have soooooo much fun. That is one lucky baby! Please please please keep me up to date. I will totally be checking in with you on facebook when I am done here!!!!!

We are at a resort right now with Betty and George on the Pacific Coast. They are visiting us and traded one of their timeshares. It is actually the same place we stayed at when we brought the kids last year. Very beautiful and tranquil here. Look for the next post for more info on this visit. I will try to do it soon. See ya all in a few minutes on facebook! It's time for me to see what you have all been up to!



  1. OOPs! I forgot to mention that the Last Swim is the last swim in the Rio Dulce. That's what the pictures are of. :))))

  2. So glad you were able to post an update-we've all been concerned-ha. Glad life is good in Guatemala! Pizzeria sounds wonderful-not good for my diet but at least you will know whats for dinner right! Post some pictures of where you are soon! I'm off to a field trip today with Eliza! Tons of kindergartners I'll need my headache medicine!
    Love ya